Three out of 4 men have suffered from lower back pain and many have experienced this chronic pain repeatedly. Pain may start slowly or suddenly, while it may be little or severe. In most cases, doctors don’t point out major reasons and facts behind this pain, while in specific situations, blood test and x-rays become ineffective.

Doctors don’t suggest serious patients go for CT scan or advanced imaging techniques to diagnose lower back pain. Sometimes, the patients in casual lower back pain management and treat this physical problem either by visiting a doctor or taking short term medicines. However, there are some specific situations when you will need to call for quick and proper medical attention.


Warning Signs When Getting Worried about Back Pain:

There are some typical and notable signs of lower back pain when the patients must go for prompt medical attention. These critical signs are;

  • If it happens before the age of 20 or after 55 years.
  • Major trauma happened recently including accidents on vehicles, falling from some height or critical sports injuries.
  • Radiation of ache down to leg, especially in case of;
  • Sensation loss or numbness
  • Muscle strength loss
  • Impaired bladder or bowel control
  • Severe pain not caused by motion
  • Pain in the chest or upper back
  • Pain that increases when lying or at night
  • Unexplained loss of weight more than 10 pounds
  • Unexplained fever
  • Diagnose of cancer in the past
  • Use of immunosuppressive drugs
  • History of drug mistreatment
  • History of serious medical disorder etc.

If you come across any of these signs, then you must step towards your doctor as quickly as you can. But, you can handle it if you take much care of yourself. You must follow some steps and directions to keep your back in a shape.

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Right Things to Do:

At the moment, doctors advise the patients some elaborate activities including bed rest, therapeutic exercises and traction for lower back pain. Some valuable studies proved that none of these recommended programs work. It is the best thing for you to return your ordinary activities as quickly as it is possible.

You should avoid having specific back workouts; especially when you are feeling severe and huge pain. But, you must avoid staying in bed longer. It is true that casual and gentle workouts can bring you towards recovery and reduce pain effectively. Use common sense and good suggestions. Don’t sit longer in a position or avoid lifting weight or bending when you are suffering from lower back pain.

Avoid and discontinue hard motions and some twists in usual routine activities. Move and do some activities if your pain allows you to do so. It is fine to take some rest and resume some movements and activities; very normal types. Use the best quality mattress and some back supported pillows that can give you some pain relief and deliver some calm to back muscles. If you want to sit, then you must use a chair with complete and good back support.

Reduce Lower Back Pain with the Help of Coldest Gel Pack:

Keep reducing rest time once you observe good improvement in your lower back pain. Try to stand a bit long and walk briskly to overcome pain. Many people think it most effective to apply ice packs to lower back for quick pain relief, especially within 2 to 3 days of getting this back injury. Use the coldest Ice pack to put in freezer to make it extra chill and apply to the affected region of your back for the next few minutes. It is fine to place the ice packs to an affected area for 10 to 20 minutes maximum.

Repeat it 3 to 4 times a day and do it for the next few days. You can switch to the coldest gel pack after few days to relieve rest of pain in lower of your back. You can continue using heat therapy if you observe positive outcomes and feel better. If you have any issue or negative result by heat therapy, ignore and leave it at once. With recovery, you will need to add some ups and downs in your routine workouts to get rid of lower back pain completely. Avoid applying any radical for getting recovered fast as it can be chronic.

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Demystifying Scans:

In usual x-ray, the beans of x-rays will try to pass through dense tissues of the body, while rays will pass easily through less dense body tissues. Dense tissues will appear as white on the film. It is a useful and latest technique to diagnose as well as confirm muscle or tissue torn in any part of the human body. It is one of the most economical, comprehensive and common diagnosing methods ever in the health industry. The doctors ask patients for X-Rays to confirm lower back pain and to diagnose actual facts and reasons standing behind this chronic pain.

This method uses radiations that can help doctors to find an injured area of the body at back. Secondly, it gives better results and helps doctors to treat and recover a patient from lower back pain. Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is a detailed and very accurate diagnosing process. It is an imaging technique that also depends on radiation. X-rays producing tube generally rotates around a patient’s body and beaming through the body. Machine process collects all x-rays that pass through the body. It produces and moves an electric signal. Computer gets this signal and controls and explains it.

CT scan is far better and accurate than the x-ray process. CT scan of different regions or parts of the body will take dissimilar duration to complete. Usually, it takes five to ten and ten to fifteen minutes. However, in some critical situations and disorders, a CT scan may take a great time. Doctors view and monitor CT scan process of patients and focus on targeted points. They aim to discover key areas where the pain occurs and moves to other parts. They use this imaging technique to confirm as well as get helped to cure the patients of this critical and serious pain. Most doctors start treatments of typical patients after viewing reports of CT scans.

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In the medical industry, there is a pill of almost every disorder or pain. If you have lower back pain, then there are many best quality and effective pills to treat this problem. These medicines not only speed up your recovery but also prevent the same injury happening again in the future. Of course, medicines can reduce pain and bring you towards the normal routine of life. Use only compulsory things and medicines with proper guidelines and suggestions. Many medicines have serious and lasting side effects for the patients.

Most doctors start their basic treatment by suggesting patients nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. You can also take a nonprescription pill like aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen. Simply, you can ask your doctors about some best and most effective NSAID medicines to get recovered from lower back pain as fast as you want. Older people or those having gastric bleeding issues should take COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib. However, patients with major cardiovascular problems must take it after consulting their doctors and with great cautions.

Strong prescribed painkillers and pills are rarely effective to use. If you experience muscle spasms, then more probably your doctor will advise you to take diazepam/Valium, Robaxin, Flexeril or Soma. These medicines have uncertain results and they are good only for short-term treatments and uses as well. In fact, you must stay connected with your doctors whenever you are taking some pills to relieve lower back pain and get recovered. It is useful for you to keep observing the results of these painkillers and share with your doctors regularly.

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Alternative Therapy:

It is almost impossible for your doctors to boost your recovery speed in lower back pain just with proper medicines. They always make sure that you are one of the patients having grave issues of back pain. Doctors suggest some painkillers get relieved fast and return your normal activities, while they prefer to use medicines just for a short period. They suggest patients take rest whenever they have a severe or great pinch of pain, but they must do some easy and normal workouts to restore their body movement.

Some modern studies have proved that patients with lower back pain will need limited medicines just to reduce pain, while they should use common sense to restore their fitness and health as well. For this; you give up taking too much rest, while they must move to use some exercises that can help them to relieve pain. In fact, they can do these workouts until they start feeling pain. Limited and short exercises can bring huge improvements within a short course of time. If you adjust some physical therapies as an additional treatment along with your current curing process, then it will deliver you amazing benefits.

Physical therapy will encourage your recovery process and more probably you will experience surprising results with the passage of time. If you add some back exercises with physical therapy, then this amazing combination of workouts will relieve pain and recover your fast. Massage therapy is the best one that can help you in relieving pain and speeding your recovery phenomenon. There is no side effect or harm of physical exercises, while the cares during these activities are also small. You can recover quickly and prevent such pain in the future due to the better shape of the back. These workouts and therapy will also relieve some other types of muscle spasms, sprains, and pain.

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Unsuccessful Therapies:

Taking bed rest enough in case of lower back injury will make problems worse. There were many therapies used by patients and they claimed zero improvements by using such therapies. Traction, antidepressant, back belts and braces, back school, lumbar supports, and transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation therapies all flopped.

Other Treatment Options:

Many people treat their acute lower back pain by some self-created and very effective programs. They use some drugs and medical attention if their injury is chronic and a bit serious. However, they do not forgo some additional treatment options that not only support their medical curing procedures but also speed up their recovery and reduce pain quickly. Physical therapy is the best with its eternal effects and positive results. It involves some physical exercises for flexing, stretching and moving specific body parts that connect with the back of the body.

Basically, hot and cold therapies are highly effective and famous for their unique outcomes. The Coldest Ice and Heat Packs are available to cure such acute lower back pain. These therapies can stop further inflammation, reduce swelling and cure injury without delivering any serious side effect. Health experts suggest the patients go for injections that work fast and reduce pain in the least course of time. However, such treatments may deliver some side effects. Surgery is another effective option that can cure you quickly.

However, surgical options may involve some critical issues and lasting side effects. It is also an expensive treatment for back pain. However, laser surgery is more productive and useful compared to the rest of the available surgeries and treatments for lower back pain. Many patients go for surgery if they experience acute lower back pain consistently after a few months. So, they think for permanent solutions and choose some therapies as well as surgeries to get rid of this critical injury. It is useful for a patient to consult a doctor prior to go for such surgical treatments.

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Keep the Back in Shape:

If you keep your back in shape, there will be minimum possibilities of suffering from lower back pain. Good mattress support, excellent physical and back exercises can bring best changes in your fitness level. Secondly, these things will shape your back and maintain it against all kinds of back injuries and muscle spasms. You will need to keep your body healthy and use aerobic conditioning workouts that play a key part in reducing back pain. Biking, swimming, running and walking are best activities ever to keep the back in shape. Physical exercises can also play a core role in preventing back pain effectively.

Tips for a Good Back:

These are some highly effective tips to keep your back healthy and free of any painful injury.

  • Follow and practice a position by keeping your head up and chin in, keep the back flat and pelvis straight.
  • Use a firm mattress to sleep and place a thin pillow under knees if you lie on back.
  • Keep you bending from your hip and knees rather than back.
  • Hold some heavy objects near to your body when you are carrying.
  • Try to sit closer to pedals and use air-bags for safety when you are driving. Use the best backrest when you sit on a soft seat.
  • Use a long chair with back support and place footrest when sitting prolong.
  • Sit up straight and bend from the hip rather than slouching.

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Coldest Ice pack


Workouts for Healthy Back:

By exercises, you can prevent lower back pain as well as treat this typical injury effectively. Don’t start workouts until you get free of any pain in your body. Lie down on a firm mattress or floor directly and start lifting your legs and arms in air straight. Repeat such workouts and try to increase pressure to your back slowly and gradually. Use some specific positions to execute a few important and effective exercises that can improve the shape and position of your back. You can perform such workouts three to four times in a week and repeat it for the next few months. You can consult your physician or doctor about the following types of best workouts that really work.

  • Hamstring stretch
  • Press up
  • Elbow prop up
  • Alternative hamstring stretch
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Kneww to chest raise
  • Sitting backbend
  • Hip hyperextension
  • Half sit up etc.

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Return the Basics:

Back pain issue has become a common discussion subject among physicians and doctors in the world. There are many types of things and activities that can play their key role to cure and prevent all types of back pains and injuries. If you suffer from back pain problems, then it is up to your doctor which types of exercises or medicines he selects and suggests you. In general, doctors make a specific pair of drugs and exercises to treat a patient with acute lower back pain and cure him/her as quickly as it is possible. No doubt, physical therapies, and exercises along with medical attention can deliver better results and in a short time frame. You must stay alert in real life and focus on pain or muscle issues in your body. Right measures and quick applications of medical aid can prevent such injuries to keep moving.