The small wiry one is great for cleaning lids and all the nooks and crannies on the lid and at the top of the bottle where the lid attaches. This is great because traditional cleaning schemes can’t get to those places. Apparently a lot of companies that design reusable bottles and cups forgot that they have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you use reusable straws, the second brush is a long straw brush. The insertable part of this bruch is about 1 inch longer than the smaller of the two Starbucks single-use straws. Since most straws have two holes, length is not a problem.

The third brush is the bottle and cup cleaner. It is on the long side, about 14 inches long and a little curvy. I used it on bottles, reusable cups and coffee mugs and it works fine. I was even able to clean the bottom of one of those little 4oz classic Coke cups that was hard to get to while dish washing. It has a certain level of awkwardness because of its length, but that awkwardness is a plus if you have long bottles. The brush head is on the large side, so it won’t fit in bottles with small openings.

They also come with a ring that can hold them together if you prefer to organize them in that fashion. The ring doesn’t have to be opened or closed, the grip of each brush is designed as such so you can easily hook and unhook them from the ring.

This is marketed as a bottle cleaning kit, but it is also great for cleaning reusable cups for iced drinks or even the new one dollar reusable Starbucks coffee cup.

The big plus of this kit is that I can clean parts of bottles and lids that were painful or impossible to get to otherwise.

Product description states:

BUILT FOR STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLES – We specifically built this brush for stainless steel water bottles
THREE TOOLS IN ONE – Cleans your water bottle, lids,straws
FAST AND EASY – Cleans your gear quickly, while being very easy to use
HANG IT ANYWHERE – Easily store your brushes on any hook, or cabinet for easy access
100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED – Your purchase is backed by a ROCK-SOLID 100% money-back guarantee & Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects.

We believe in crafting specifically to purpose. This is the#1, best water bottle brush, built of the best materials, to keep you bottle clean. Very fast cleaning process!

The Advantages of this bottle brush:

-Easily clean all aspects of the bottle, straw, and cap of your stainless steel water bottle
-3 tools in one, big brush for cleaning the inside, brush for cleaning smaller bottles and cap.
-Unique design and feel
-Helps prevent bacteria and mold in your bottle. Allows for very easy and fast cleaning
-Perfect size – Not too big, not too small!
-Durability -Very strong and solid build
-Long lasting water bottle brush
-Odor Resistant, easy clean
-Light-weight, yet strongest durable
-Professional finish
Safely clean your stainless steel water bottles and accessories.

Review By Tiggersbouncin on August 31, 2016

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