I’m going to be honest, when I first saw this product I thought that the name was a bit silly, as I didn’t believe that it would keep water colder than any other bottle. I’m an avid hiker, and I hit the trails almost daily. One thing that I require is water. I have quite a large collection of water bottles. Most of which have turned out to be disappointing, as they just got hot or leaked. So I followed the instructions and put ice cubes in the water and sealed the bottle. I was purposely jumping a lot on the hike to see if water would come out of the top, even though it was sealed. Not only did the seal not leak, but there was still ice in the bottle, even after a three hour hike in the sun. So I decided to see how well this actually works. I once again filled the bottle with ice cubes and water. I left it in the back seat of my car for about 8 hours. Now my car is a convertible, and when the black top is up, the car gets hot quickly. So when I opened the bottle, I expected the water to be hot or at least warm. The water was still cold. Most of the ice cubes had melted, but the water was still cold. That’s good enough for me! I take reviewing seriously, and will not leave a review I won’t stand behind. I always answer any questions about any products I review, so if you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask.

Review by on January 26, 2016