I’m an umpire. During the summer when you’re hitting your fifth game of the day in 100 degree heat, all you want is cold water. For the last few years I’ve frozen my water bottles, put them in a cooler, stuffed the cooler in my trunk and as they melted you are able to drink them cold throughout the day. The first two games though, you’ll have cold water for maybe the first few innings of the first game. Can’t drink frozen water and water bottles with ice melt fast in the Nebraska summer. This bottle is more than I hoped for.

I wanted to test their claims of 24 hours of coldness. I filled it two thirds of the way with ice, set it near our household register (it’s winter so I wanted to expose it to indirect heat) and left it. 12 hours later I checked it. There was only about an inch of water in the bottom of this! (I’ve attached a picture of this) Promising start. 14 hours after that (so 26 hours total, sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it) and the ice was about half melted. Woo-hoo!

The bottle does have a handle but I’m going to be attaching a carabiner so I can hang it on a fence. The only thing it’s missing is a drinking port, the top is pretty wide. I did see something as a “recommended purchase” on the bottom of the screen when I purchased this that looked like it was a drinking lid for this bottle so I’m going to check that out.

Review by on January 14, 2016