Born and raised in Ohio my whole life, I am first-generation Chinese-American and the oldest of 3. I am a traveling print/commercial/lifestyle model, a YouTuber since 2008, former Division I Women’s Golfer, and now all-around creative and entrepreneur! I have been modeling professionally part-time since August 2018. When I am not modeling, you can catch me creating travel & lifestyle vlogs, studying for my Master’s degree in UX Design, golfing, or with family working on real estate renovations.

How do you cope under the pressures of being a model?

I like to think I’m a genuine person and people appreciate that, but I make sure I keep up being fit and be acne-free for the physical pressure.

What made you first become a model?

I was scouted by my local mother agency’s lawyer. I remember laughing and thinking I was being scammed when she talked to me but tried it out, graduated from a modeling workshop, built a portfolio, and discovered it’s an actual passion I can do!

What are some of your favorite designers or stores?

My all-time favorite store is H&M. I do enjoy LV, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, and Gucci for higher fashion too..

What beauty tips do you swear by?

Exercise, drink water, laugh every day, and eat wholesomely.

Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model?

If this is an influential public figure we’re talking about, it has to be the artist, Michelle Phan. She inspired me to pursue the arts and entertainment industry, and influenced me to be more individualistic and creative.

What are guilty pleasures food wise?

Donuts, chocolates, and ramen — all the way.

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photoshoot?

Empowering! I love feeling my presence inspiring others and sharing the beauty of fashion designers’ art! It’s fun doing both photoshoots and fashion runway shows.

If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?

Ask yourself if it is what you really want, then if you decide it’s a wise and open opportunity, you can then put in the work and earn it.

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January 22, 2020 — Joseph Ahmad