I’ve used this water bottle twice now and have been pleased both times.
1st time I poured some sweet tea in it from my fridge (no ice) and was stuck in a hot and muggy high school gym for about 10 hours. It stayed satisfyingly cold for about 9 hours.
2nd time was last night. I put it through a test, if you will. I stuck 8 ice cubes in it (didn’t fill it with ice) then filled the rest with cold tap water around 8pm. About 1130pm I checked and there was still ice in there. Probably about 1/2 the size of when I started. Checked it this morning at 6ish and no ice but was very chilled drinking it. Checked again about 10 and was a little warmer but still satisfying. It’s now 2 pm and not at room temperature.
I have it in an east facing room and the thermometer in here says 82.9 f.
I like the dark bottle color and contrasting light blue. The kid makes it easy to hook it to a backpack or belt loop with an s hook.
Overall I’m very pleased. Seems if you want it to stay colder longer, put a lot of ice in it. (Easy to do with a semi wide mouth)
*note* I bought this on my own dime.

Review by on April 18, 2016