Let me just start by saying that I absolutely cannot say enough about this water bottle and how much I love it. I have been seeing a lot about insulated water bottles and how they claim to keep your water cold for extended amounts of time. I didn’t really believe much of the hype because I didn’t really under stand how it could keep things so cold for so long. But I decided to take a chance on it and order one. This one was appealing because it had a lower cost than some of the big namebrand ones so hence less of a gamble if it did not work. When it arrived it was a little disappointed because it was packaged poorly and there was already a A dent near the top I don’t know if it had taken a lot of beating during transit or if that means that perhaps this bottle will dent easily so far it has not dented by me using it so I hope it continues to be that way. As soon as it arrives I put cold water inside of it with no ice. Periodically throughout the last 24 hours I would open it and take a couple sips to see if it would still keep the liquid cold. 24 hours later and my water is still pretty cold. I must say I am very impressed and incredibly happy with it. I have not tried it out with ice yet but I imagine that it would have the same effect of keeping a drink school for over 24 hours. It is really lightweight and is actually lighter than I expected it to be considering that it is so insulated and vacuum sealed. It also fits perfectly into the cupholders in the car which is a big plus for me. The lid screws on securely and keeps the water or liquid from coming out even when turned upside down. This is a must-have for pretty much anyone out there who likes to have their water cold and doesn’t like it when in just a few hours it is already warm. I feel like with this water bottle I will be able to take water with me more often and I will be more likely to drink it since it will be cold in stead of room temperature. I am in credibly happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to everyone else.

Review by on January 12, 2016