I Drank a Gallon of Coldest Water a Day for Better Skin & Here’s What Happened

Have you ever considered going by a gallon of coldest water a day for better skin? Skincare worries most of us to a point that we never stop spending money on the products that we are convinced shall help in the facilitation of a better skin effort. Water improves your skin but it does not work magic alone. There has to be complimentary effort around the skin for you to achieve your better skin goals.

This is what Happens When You Take a Gallon of Coldest Water a Day:

You have probably had the opportunity to look at high ranking articles on how water improves the skin and etcetera. Most of these articles surely tell you the truth but forget one thing which is the ability of water to remove advanced skin conditions. Water does wonders but we cannot wholly say that there is a guarantee for it to work the same way it worked for me for you, results could be related though different. Below is my story.

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A Gallon Of Coldest Water A Day For Better Skin – Does It Really Work?

You have probably seen the challenge of drinking a gallon of coldest water a day for a better complexion. Just like I did, I struggled with trying to find better skin tips and after trying out a couple of online recommendations and ignoring a push by medics to try taking water for a solution, I finally made up my mind to stand up to the challenge.

A day prior to the challenge I decided to purchase The Coldest Water Bottle can and filled it with water ready for my challenge the next day. I started the challenge in the morning carrying my container full of water to the beach and tasked by self to take 2 sips across the day each hour. At the end of the experiment that lasted 18 hours, in retrospect, going to the washrooms had more than tripled compared to a normal day not taking this much of water. I could only imagine not having access to a clean washroom or in transit for the day. This would have meant that I either stop by to pursue clean public toilets or my arrival to a destination would have been delayed by a couple of minutes. Note, water intake is directly proportional to the outtake this is one thing to keep in mind.

Drinking this much of water comes with a lot of discipline and if you are not consistent you will surely miss some days. I have tried to live by taking a gallon each day and to tell the truth, there are days I never complete the water and try to make up on other days.

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Better Complexion:

After a period of trying this out, I noticed that my skin easily glowed and felt a bit moist compared too previously. Water improves your skin conditions but eating the right meals and using the right skin care products are complementary to enable a better complexion. To some extent, it aided in reducing the level of acne on my skin but it didn’t work in total removal of the dark spots on my skin.

My colleagues at work have suggested that I seem to be sharper and more engaged lately as I tend to work longer hours than before. The water consumption in the body has assisted in making me more energetic.


Realistically, drinking a gallon of coldest water a day for better skin shall improve your skin conditions keeping in mind that you use other right complimentary products and food for the skin. There is no guarantee that it shall payoff for rare skin conditions. You need to seek a physician’s recommendations for extreme cases. Recently, the company coldest water introduced The Coldest Water Bottle – 1 Gallon to keep the water safe and cold for the regular use.