Hydration: Well Hydrate Yourself with 7 Things to Know

If you want the body to function properly, you need to enhance water intake for good hydration. Here are seven tips to know.

Moisturizing the body properly and finding anything healthy to quench your thirst was very simple in the past. But nowadays, water exists in so many versions that it may seem complicated to make the right choice. Discover our tips to well hydrate yourself.

You can now choose between the following water versions: pure, from source, natural mineral (weakly / moderately / highly mineralized), carbonated, city, drinking tap, naturally sweetened, artificially sweetened, enriched with vitamins, delicately flavored etc.

There are more types of water on the market now than at any other time in history. People want to be able to make healthy choices, low in calories; rich in natural ingredients offer a variety of nutritional benefits. But do you know if your coffee counts in your daily water need or not? Do you know if this liquid can help you to lose weight or not? And do you know for sure how much fluid a person is needed to drink each day? The Coldest Water brings the answers for all the elements below:

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1) You Do Not Have To Absorb Absolutely 8 Large Glasses Water A Day To Properly Hydrate You:

The recommendation to drink 8 glasses of 25 cl per day is not the strict and inflexible rule. Experts recommend that women consume the equivalent of 11.5 large glasses of fluid per day (2.7 liters) and that men consume the equivalent of 15.5 large glasses of fluid per day (3.6 liters).

However, the minimum 20% of these amounts of fluid already come from the foods you eat; this brings the amounts about 9 large glasses.

Do not forget that a large glass of water brings 25 cl (the quarter of a liter). For comparison, a typical can of soda contains 33 cl. But do not be obsessed with numbers. Your fluid needs will vary depending on your level of physical activity, your food choices, how often you eat and the weather.

A better way is to judge your water needs. Look at the color of your urine when next time you go to the bathroom. If you have a good hydration level, you should go to the bathroom once every 2 or 3 hours and your urine should have a lemon-squeezed (light yellow) color. If your urine is colored like the apple juice and has a strong smell, you need to hydrate yourself more.

2) Any Caffeinated Drink Or Drinking Coffee Will Not Necessarily Dehydrate You:

Does coffee hydrate or on the contrary dehydrate you? While some people may be at greater risk of not getting adequate hydration if they drink too much coffee, studies conducted in recent years have revealed that caffeine doesn’t produce the same diuretic effect that experts believe.

A recent study revealed that caffeine makes you urinate to the extent that if you drink water, no more and no less. Then a glass of 25 cl of coffee remains a glass of 25 cl of fluid, and every drop of this glass counts. Of course, coffee does not produce the same effects on the body like water, but from the point of view of hydration, it is the same volume of fluid.

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3) Drinking Water Alone Does Not Help You Lose Weight Effectively:

For those people who drink a lot of water thinking that great hydration helps to melt their pounds of fat, it is better not to focus all your efforts on it (unless you drink a lot of coldest water again and again). There is no scientific proof that drinking water satisfies you to the point where you no longer feel hungry to help you lose weight.

An American study confirmed that water helps when it is part of the water-rich food such as soup or vegetable. This study found those women who eat vegetables like green broccoli instead of foods like meat or rice or meat as they are more calorie-dense end up consuming a significantly smaller amount of calories altogether. You should also know that there are foods to use or avoid when you want to fight against fluid retention to deflate the body.

Foods that are rich in water have a bigger appearance, and this can make your brain believe that you are going to eat more than in reality. On the other hand, if you hydrate yourself by drinking enough coldest water that is useful in the sense that you are not going to confuse thirst with hunger, and a good hydration will help to control your appetite (which can be useful for your weight loss).

4) Do Not Wait Until You Are Thirsty To Properly Hydrate Yourself:

The mechanism of thirst usually starts when you are dehydrated by about 1 to 2%. This dehydration is calculated by the body weight change based on perspiration. Your body retains some amount of sodium in your blood and body fluids as a whole. If any of these rates are disrupted, thirst detectors in the human brain will transmit warning signals. That is time to hydrate you.

Dehydration actually occurs when you have lost minimum 2% of the body weight (in fluids), in this way, you could feel the effects (nausea, headaches, and dizziness) earlier. So be sure to hydrate yourself round the clock with the help of Coldest Water Bottles (especially when you play sports in hot summer weather).

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5) By Trying To Hydrate You Too Much, It Is Possible To Drink Much Water:

If you drink water above the requirement of your body, it may damage your kidneys. It can trouble the stability of electrolytes in the blood; it could cause stroke, brain swelling, coma, and even sudden death. Drinking too much water causes unnecessarily excessive hydration and can lead to water intoxication (also called overhydration or water poisoning).

Be careful because over-hydration can cause similar to dehydration that headaches and nausea. While it is unlikely that you will over-hydrate during your lifetime, remember that your kidneys can’t handle more than one liter of fluid every hour. So do not drink extra water all of a sudden because it would be a mistake for your health.

6) You Do Not Necessarily Need A Sport Drink Each Time You Exercise:

Do you plan to walk at very high speeds for 30 minutes? You probably will not need to swallow a Power Aqua bottle. Sports drinks are useful if you exercise intensively for more than 60 minutes, or if you sweat profusely during physical exertion.

Take this into consideration. A 30 minutes brisk walk burn up about 170 calories. 2 large glasses of any sports drink bring about 100 calories. This means, about 60% of the calories burned during the workout come back through the throat if you consume a sports drink, whereas a brisk 30-minute walk does not justify the need to drink it.

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