Why Do You Have To Drink More In Winter Than Summer?

We often think of hydrating in the summer when it is hot, but much less when the temperature begins to fall. However, in winter, cases of dehydration are also common, especially in the elderly and infants.


How to hydrate well?

How do you know if you drink enough?

What are the signs of dehydration?

One in three adults drinks less than one liter of water a day. If the summer is often thought to hydrate, winter, however, it is less often reflex. The risk of dehydration is higher, especially in the most fragile people such as infants or the elderly. Fatigue, dizziness, slimming … at an advanced stage, dehydration can even lead to disorientation or even a comatose state. The best way is to keep The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon with you.

Good hydration is essential for the functioning of the body. Indeed, an adult is 65% water. The water content varies depending on the different organs. It is 83% for blood, 10% for adipose tissue. The brain is 70% water, just like the muscles. Water is essential for maintaining physiological functions.

Each chemical reaction of the cells takes place in an aqueous medium. It is an excellent solvent capable of transporting nutrients to body cells and eliminating waste. Water protects the brain, lubricates the joints and helps regulate body temperature. It redistributes the heat produced in the tissues to the skin and eliminates any excess through perspiration. So it is important to keep drinking water from The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon.

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Human Body Always in Need of Water for Hydration:

Our body does not make a reserve of water, it eliminates it permanently. In addition to perspiration, it is lost through urine, breathing and even tears. Any loss of water interferes with the proper functioning of the organs. When the sensation of thirst appears, it means that we have already lost about 1% of water (it is a stress for our body!). This loss results in a 10% decrease in intellectual abilities (we are less focused) and our physical abilities also decrease.

Beyond a loss of 5% of body weight, dehydration becomes acute. When this weight loss becomes greater than 10%, the proper functioning of the vital organs can be compromised. This situation will never arrive if you are having The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon with you.

Hydration of the Elderly:

Some people are more prone to dehydration. Among them, the elderly are more vulnerable. In retirement homes and hospitals, the hydration of the elderly is at the heart of the work of caregivers and nurses.

It is often a challenge for elderly people to drink and nurses must explain to the elderly in the hospital the importance of good hydration. Still or sparkling water, tea, coffee, orange juice, syrup … all the tricks are good for drinking the elderly. The goal is to avoid dehydration because, in these already fragile patients, a lack of water can quickly have dramatic consequences as explained by Dr. Alain Cosmao, the geriatrician. There is a risk of hypotension and therefore risks In case of lack of water, the elderly person will not be well, they will be tired if renal function is deficient, it will be aggravated by the lack of water. Finally, there is a risk of increased cognitive impairment, risks of the false road and which says the risk of the false road, says the risk of infection and often an infection leads to fever … A cascade of complications must be avoided at all costs. The best way is to keep The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon with all the elderly people and fill it with their favorite drink. The coldest Water Bottles keep the liquid cold for 36+ hours and hot for 24+ hours.

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Some Signs of Dehydration of the Elderly:

Some signs such as dry tongue, a drop in blood pressure, difficulty walking or fever … can be a sign of dehydration. To diagnose it, you can monitor the urine or perform a blood test. “The elderly are more fragile with dehydration, first of all, because they feel less thirsty, so this is an important factor. Drugs that can promote dehydration like diuretics. It also often associated pathologies such as diabetes. And especially it has a renal functioning that is not good with an adaptation of the body that is significantly less effective “, says Dr. Cosmao.

In the case of dehydration, an infusion may be necessary for a few days to fill the water deficit with the help of The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon. Because of the consequences it causes, dehydration remains today one of the first causes of hospitalization of the elderly.

Hydration of Athletes:

Athletes are forced to lose a lot of water during training and competitions which exposes them, if they do not drink enough, to a high risk of injury and a decrease in their sports performance. Prevention is therefore essential. Most of the athletes keep The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon to main their hydration level.

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In rowing, you have to row and to reach speeds of 17 km / h, you have to give it all and sweat. So in addition to sports advice, coaches ensure that Coldest Water Bottles are emptied regularly: “2% less water in the body is 20% less performance,” says Sebastien Tant, regional technical adviser of rowing.

They will give 20% less performance, but not this only. With a frenetic pace of seven to eight workouts a week, poor hydration could have many other consequences for rowers as explained by Dr. Frederic Maton, the sports nutritionist. Most of the sports nutritionists recommend keeping The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon. It is one of the best water bottles to keep any type of liquid cold for 36+ hours and hot for 24+ hours.

Risk of Dehydration:

Short-term risks if the athlete gets poorly hydrated it is, first of all, a less good tolerance to effort and inevitably a decrease in performance. And if the dehydration is accentuated or is more frequent, injuries can occur including tendon injuries, muscle tendinopathies, breakdowns. Finally, it reaches the blow of fatigue, the blow of pump where the sportsman is completely tired because he did not drink enough. To avoid reaching this point, Frédéric Maton intervenes with young athletes to give them good responses.

It is important for athletes to drink well during and after training by keeping The Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon with them. You can drink water or your favorite drink. Some colored drinks are suitable for athletes; others are to be excluded, such as taurine and caffeine-based beverages. These are substances that have no interest in terms of performance, in terms of hydration, on the contrary, they are likely to disturb the adaptation to the effort since they have an exciting role in particular on the heart. They can modify the cardiac adaptation to the effort; they are thus the source of heart problems to the effort, “says Dr. Maton.

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Water … Why do you have to drink more in winter than summer?

We know that we have to hydrate ourselves … We search our Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon for all summer, but did you know that it is especially in winter that you should never leave without it?

Generally speaking, how much water should you drink?

Water is essential to life. Our body is 60% to 70% water and an adult spends an average of more than 2 liters of body water a day. For an individual who does not exercise, the usual recommendations are to drink about 2 liters. And for athletes who are very exposed to dehydration due to sweating, it is recommended that they drink an extra liter from their Coldest Bottle 1 Gallon.

Why do you have to drink more in winter than in summer?

In winter, the icy air is drying us!!! Our skin is at risk of dehydration, especially the hands and face that are directly in contact with the cold. It is obviously necessary to protect them by using moisturizing creams. These cosmetics protect the outside of the epidermis, but the hydration is not complete. In the winter, the air is drier both outside and inside (the damn electric heater!). So, you have to continue drinking the same amounts of water recommended, or even a little more winter.

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