Hydrate your Body Properly with Water In Summer!

Do you know that our body is 60% water?

To achieve good hydration, water recommendations vary between 1 to 2 liters per day.

The water needs vary according to several parameters: age, physical activity, heat, in case of fever, diarrhea…

The consequences of a poorly hydrated body are numerous and perhaps you have already experienced.

  • Transit disturbed

  • Digestive problems

  • Skin problems

  • Fatigue and lack of energy

  • Lack of concentration

  • Impaired physical performance

  • Migraines …

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Here Are Some Recommendations To Reach Your Daily Water Intake!

1- Set Goals, Establish A Daily Hydration Plan:

You may know it, but do not wait until you are thirsty to drink. The feeling of thirst comes when you are already dehydrated.

In order to reach the recommendations, establish a hydration plan by setting hours of drinks. Keep the coldest bottle with you which will allow you to drink before dehydration that is to say without being thirsty.

For example:

“Before breakfast, I drink a glass of still water.”

“At breakfast, a green tea in my big 300 ml flower mug”

“Around 10 am, I give myself a big glass of lemon water”

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2- Make a Hydration Plan Throughout The Day:

You can also set goals: “between 9h and 12h, I must have finished 500 ml”

Namely, it is better to drink several sips. Two abundant supplies are much less effective than many regular small intakes. Too much water absorbed too quickly will be quickly eliminated in the urine.

3- Tea or Different Types of Herbal Teas:

In order to vary your contributions, you can consume natural green tea, with lemon or mint, for example. You can take black tea, white or other sugar-free. Nowadays, varieties and flavors of teas and herbal teas are available on our supermarket shelves. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, alone or accompanied.

4- Test Soups and Smoothies:

In both summer and winter, drinking soups contributes to good hydration. In addition to the water added to the preparations, the foods that make up these preparations (fruits and vegetables) are rich in water. They can be eaten during meals or as a snack.

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5- Aromatize Drinks:

Do you think about adding fruit and vegetable pieces to your drinks? In addition to hydrating you, your flavored water will bring you minerals and vitamins. For a better fiber intake, you can consume the plants of your flavored one! Remember to alternate flat waters and sparkling for more pleasure.

6- Shopping a Beautiful Water Bottle:

In order to increase and stimulate your drinking pleasure, you can invest in beautiful coldest bottles of water. Take your water bottle wherever you go, in front of the TV, in your bag, at the gym, at the office, at the cinema, on the nightstand.



7- Hydration and Physical Activity!

During physical activity, water loss due to sweating can be quite significant. That is why it is important to hydrate well before, during and after physical activity to refuel.

In addition, it is essential to properly hydrate yourself to avoid the risk of injury such as tendonitis, cramps and increase your physical performance.

Moreover, if you are hydrated enough, your recovery will be better!

For athletes, including those who sweat particularly during exercise, you can plan a homemade “water of recovery”.

Here are two recipes for 1 liter of drink:

1/3 apple juice

2/3 of water

½ teaspoon of salt


1/3 of grape juice

2/3 of water

Drinking water in sufficient quantity and in an intelligent way is essential to stay hydrate thus healthy and avoid any risk of dehydration and the consequences that result.