How to Keep Liquids the Coldest For 36 Hours and More?

Coldwater becomes a precious thing in the hot climate. People involved in extreme physical activities including hiking, swimming, running, cycling and others always love to have cold water to feel fresh. Do you have any idea to store cold water? It would be very difficult if you don’t have the latest water bottles. We recommend Coldest Water Bottle for this purpose. It has excellent features and benefits for different users. Let’s see what benefits it offers to users.

Keep Water Cold up to 36 Hours:

Yes, the Coldest Water Bottle is suitable for travelers and athletes. Actually, it provides cold water to the users for longer. According to the reports, it can hold the coldness for up to 36 hours in normal conditions. What happens when the temperature is high? Don’t be worried about the summer season. You will still enjoy cold water because it has an excellent feature to maintain the temperature. Whether you are going to the gym or to a hill station, you will need to have cold water. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the best Coldest Water Bottle to enjoy benefits.

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More Space for Ice Cubes:

As a matter of fact, our water bottles are based on modern designs. These designs are specifically suitable for the athletes, travelers, outdoorsmen, and sportsmen. It has more room inside. You can store solid ice cube in the bottle. This is an ideal option to have cold water for longer. Storing ice cubes in a plastic bottle which has no insulation. Actually, it is the insulation which provides protection from the external temperature.

Water Bottle with Insulated Walls:

The Coldest Water Bottle has a perfect feature of insulated walls. Insulation is a desired feature which enables the users to store the ice cubes for 36 hours. There is no need to refrigerate these bottles. These are superb in this function. As a matter of fact, our water bottles are based on stainless steel. This is why these have double protection from the external temperatures. It is really an excellent option to store the ice cubes inside the insulated walls so these will melt slowly. Put the ice cubes in a bottle and place it anywhere for next 36 hours. The ice will still be present in the bottle.

Toxin and Pollution Free Water Bottle:

Yes, everyone wants to drink pure and clean water. It is important to see how water bottles can maintain the internal temperature while keeping the toxins or pollutants away. The Coldest Water Bottle has a superb function which provides cold and clean water for up to 36 hours. On the other hand, it also keeps the water odorless. There will be no odor in the water even after several days.

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Buy the Water Bottle Sleeve:

We offer Coldest Water Bottle Sleeve at our online store. These sleeves are designed to maximize the functioning. Now it is easy to keep the water cold for 36 hours and more with the help of the water bottle sleeve. This water bottle sleeve can also be used to keep other things such as keys, iPods, and USB flash.