How to Clean Coldest Bottles and Tumbler?

Coldest Bottle and Coldest Tumbler keep the water cold or hot for a longer period. According to the reports, these water bottles are helpful to store water at the desired temperature for 36 hours or more. How to clean these water bottles? Don’t worry because we have excellent tips and solutions available for you. Whether it is a Coldest Bottle or a Coldest Tumbler, there are easy methods to clean them properly. However, you can clean other types of water bottles with these accessories.

What Will You Need?

In order to clean Coldest Bottle or a Coldest Tumbler, it is necessary to focus on following points.

  • Cleaning tools: These include Coldest Bottle Brushes, pipe brushes, and standardized sponges.
  • Cleaning solutions: You will need detergents, soaps, baking soda, white vinegar and hot water.
  • Other: This includes disposable latex gloves or kitchen gloves.

Remember, you will find some online guides suggesting the use of bleach for the bottle cleaning. We don’t encourage the use of bleach as it is dangerous if not washed completely. Use baking soda and white vinegar for bottle cleaning and wash it with hot water. It’s enough!

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Simple Cleaning Procedure:

Now you have the details of cleaning solutions and tools. Pick the cleaning solution (white vinegar and baking soda) for stain removal. Baking soda helps to remove the odor of vinegar after cleaning. Remember the given steps.

  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar and add it to a cup of water.
  • Now add baking soda to it and prepare a paste.
  • Pour this cleaning solution into the coldest bottle.
  • Leave the bottle for 15 minutes and let the solution set.
  • Rub the inside of bottle thorough while wearing gloves.
  • Use Coldest Brush for better cleaning.
  • It’s done.

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How to Avoid Dirt?

First of all, it is a topic is everyone’s interest. The reusable water bottle should not get dirty quickly. For example, coldest water bottles are used by sportsmen, travelers and others who spend time outside the home. These conditions encourage the accumulation of dirt or dust outside/inside the bottles. Buyers should be highly careful about the selection of quality bottles in this matter. Actually, buying a stainless steel coldest bottle enables the users to avoid this issue. How does it happen? As a matter of fact, Coldest Bottles are designed to maintain the temperature as well as the quality of stored water. Plastic bottles available in the markets are not capable in this matter. Therefore, it is recommended to buy The Coldest Bottle or Coldest Tumbler from the online store in order to enjoy fresh and cool water for a long period.

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Buy the Bottle Sleeves:

The Coldest Water runs ahead whenever it is about health and hygiene. We have introduced a coldest bottle sleeve which provides additional coverage. Yes, this bottle sleeve is based on quality materials such as fabric. It provides double insulation effect when bottles are kept inside. Buying the Coldest Water Bottle Sleeves also helps the users including sportsmen, outdoorsmen, swimmers, cyclists, hikers, and athletes to keep the bottles away from the dust and dirt.