While water is essential, often we don’t know how much water is needed by our body. This is why calculating the exact amount of water needed by our body during any exercise or day-to-day affair is a tricky job. However, there are ways to determine what is the quantity of water that you should take daily to remain healthy. These depend on a couple of factors. Let’s have a look at the common factors to calculate hydration.


Your weight is one of the major determining factors when it comes to hydration. Depending on your weight, your metabolism would change, and the quantity of water consumption would change. Just take half your body’s weight and drink the same ounce of water. So, for example, if your body’s weight is 70 lbs, you should drink at least 35 ounces of water daily.


Do you exercise regularly? If yes, then you would need to drink more water based on your exercise routine. Once again, this depends on your metabolism. It is recommended that you always carry 1 gallon coldest water bottle with you to hydrate. With exercise, your metabolism changes, and you can become dehydrated if you don’t measure your water intake. If you don’t like to drink plain water, make sure that you take in some health drinks or even juice.

Some Special Circumstances:

Other than the above-mentioned conditions, there are some special circumstances, which you should consider when it comes to water intake. For example, the weather conditions matter. If you are in a hot area, then you will sweat more, and lose water in the process. So, you’d need to take in more water through your 1 gallon coldest water bottle.

If you are a pregnant woman or are breastfeeding your young child, then you would need to drink more water. Especially, in the case of breastfeeding make sure you keep yourself hydrated with the help of Medical research reports have discovered that drinking one gallon of water a day can solve several kinds of diseases and health problems which the people have. or you might even faint from dehydration. While caffeine and juice might seem good, at times you do need sparkling water to maintain the hydration level in your body.

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How To Calculate Hydration Level:

Now that you know about the factors that contribute to the hydration level of your body, let’s have a look at the steps to calculate hydration:

  1. Firstly, you need to weigh yourself. Make sure you note your weight in pounds and not kilograms.
  2. Track your water and fluid consumption. This also includes any health drink or beverages that you take.
  3. Once again, weight yourself after you have completed your daily chores or your exercise, but before you drink anything. You need to subtract the initial weight from this post weight. This would be your water loss. You can also change it to a percentage to make sure you get an approximate figure.
  4. Now convert this weight into pints. For example, if you have lost 10 pounds, that would be 10 pints. Then add the number of ounces you drank during the day or during the exercise. Every 16 ounce equal one pint.
  5. Multiply your initial body weight by 0.02. This is the sweat loss during the exercise.
  6. Now subtract the sweat loss from the number of pints you calculated in step 4.
  7. Now multiply the answer obtained in step 6 by the number of minutes you exercised.
  8. Divide the number you obtained in step 7 by 15. This is your water intake every 15 minutes. You should consume this amount of water to stay hydrated.

Once you calculate hydration and a rough estimate of how much water to consume, you can include that in your diet. Try to drink plain coldest water as that is healthy for you. Additionally, sports drink and juice can be helpful, but won’t yield the same result as plain water. You must carry the 1 Gallon coldest water bottle to hydrate yourself without an interception.