Pollution caused by plastic water bottles is worse than you imagine. Plastic bottles are really dangerous for the life. According to reports, more than 29 billion bottles are consumed annually by the US citizens alone. From the 6 bottles, people buying only one is recycled. This leads to a dangerous situation making biological issues. It is believed that plastic bottles take more than a thousand years to degrade properly. On the other hand, this also adds chemicals and toxins in the lands and waters during this course.

As an outcome, 2 million water bottles end up in the lands. The plastic is generated using the fossil fuel which creates environmental pollution as well as huge waste. Here are some ways how plastic makes our environment at risk.

Plastic Water Bottles are Damaging the Natural Composition:

Whether you talk about water or soil, plastic has played a prominent role to make toxins everywhere. In most of the reports, we find that plastic bottles are dangerous for the soil composition. It regularly adds special agents such as mercury, arsenic and other toxic compounds in the land. These toxins are directly taken up by the plants and trees with their root system. This has resulted in lowering the production as well as drastic health effects on the consumers.

Together we can change the story of ocean plastic

On the other hand, the plastic mixed up with water is a big cause of pollution. It is creating problems for the animals and plants living in fresh as well as salted waters. For example, the tiny larvae of fishes consuming the plastics prey on by large fishes. Later, we include these fishes in our meals. It means that we are indirectly taking plastic into our stomach. According to ecological studies, plastics have become a part of the food chain of numerous organisms in the lakes, rivers, and oceans. This is an alarming study which requires attention.

Huge Oil Consumption:

Production of plastic containers burns million of barrels annually. According to US reports, the same amount of oil you can use to fuel vehicles for more than 2 years. Burning the oil creates a high amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This is adding a boost to the global warming.

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Buy The Alternatives:

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