Washing your bed sheets can be a hassle as they are heavier than your usual laundry. But, once you discover what lies on your bed sheets when they’re left unwashed, it might give you a lot of motivation to include this in your schedule.

Washing your bed sheets is important as every time we sleep, we sweat a lot, which results in a foul smell. Also, we humans do shed skin cells. Lastly, dust mites are also present in our bed sheets. Reasons why washing them will make us healthy and hygienic.

But how often should you really wash your bed sheets? Most experts recommend weekly washing. If you do not sleep on your bed every day, you may be able to do this once every two weeks or so. However, if you have pets sleeping with you, a wash every 3–4 days is recommended.

If you prefer washing your sheets every other week, it’s best to consider getting another set so you can replace them without having to wash them frequently.

What’s the best way to wash your bedding? Check the label of your sheet for any precautions. If your linen is best washed in cold water, try hanging it out to dry in the sun. Sunlight is best to naturally kill dust mites and anti-microbial agents. Alternatively, you may iron your sheets.

Changing your sheets seems to add to the hassle of doing your laundry, but it is definitely worth the effort. Not only will it give you a hygienic bed, but the most important part is that it will help you get that comfortable and healthy sleep. And to add it up, it will save you and your family from getting skin diseases.
September 09, 2022 — Jen Cold