Heat Stroke Is Deadly | 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle

During the summer, work on a construction site can become a real test when the temperature rises. Therefore, adequate preparation and continued attention are essential to save the workers from heat stroke. Because the risks generated by heat can go to death!

It is, in fact, bearing in mind the deaths of workers are possible due to the heat stroke. Several Governments took different types of preventive measures and published guidelines for workers and employers working with heat. However, it is essential for all workers and employers to take preventive steps to avoid dehydration. Every employer must arrange enough coldest water for their workers and ensure they must hydrate themselves every hour or when it is needed.

Make Action Plan and have measures for Heat Waves:

The employer must prepare an action plan. From the spring, they must educate their employees. It is important to evaluate the intensity of the tasks they will have to perform in order to have the measures in place during the first heat waves that can manifest themselves earlier in the season.

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From Simple Discomfort to Death:

Heat stroke occurs when the ambient heat defeats the mechanisms that the body has to cool off. When hydration and sweat production are no longer enough, the person’s temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius and initially causes discomfort. If it is not taken care of quickly, heat stroke can damage the internal organs and cause death.

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations provide for the permissible values of heat exposure based on a temperature index measured using a wet-bulb globe thermometer. However, these values are difficult to obtain without laborious measurement and sophisticated devices.

The ambient temperature adjusted to take into account the humidity, the sunshine and the wearing of a security garment makes it possible to situate the risk on a chart according to the intensity of the work provided. The charter indicates the break time and the amount of fresh water to consume in order to maintain safe working conditions.

Create an Adequate Environment:

When the calculation reveals a high risk, it stipulated that the work must stop until the necessary measures to create an adequate environment are put in place. A heavy machinery operator who is affected by an imbalance or confusion is a danger to his colleagues and to the citizens. You must not go there. To be able to intervene properly, the person must be aware of the symptoms and his colleagues too. If, however, heat-related discomfort should occur, educating colleagues can make a difference. Always carry the coldest water bottle to keep you hydrated. A group of people can purchase 1 Gallon Coldest Water bottle (128oz). It keeps the water cold up to 36 hours.

Ready to Intervene:

At the first signs heat stroke is exhaustion, headaches; cramps, chills, or heartaches, at this time interrupt work and take the person in shade. Immediately give 250 ml of cold water to drink every 20 minutes and kept under surveillance until it has fully recovered.

Emergency medical help should be obtained if the person does not recover or if they develop the following symptoms: mental confusion or aggression, their skin blushes and stops producing sweat, nausea, breathing and a fast heart rate.

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Organizations Should Ensure the Safety of Workers:

There are several cases of workers reported due to the suffering from heat discomfort. According to the Health and Safety Act of each country, the employer must “ensure that the organization must ensure to apply the methods and techniques to control and eliminate risks to the health and safety of the worker and ensure the immediate medical help including the availability of the Coldest Water all the time.

Anticipate and Monitor:

In the prevention of heat-related discomfort, this can result in task and workstation planning. It takes into account the sun’s course and the rise in temperature during the day.

High-intensity work to be performed early in the morning or on the shaded side. The employer must take into account the level of acclimatization of each person in the assignment of tasks. They ensure that workers exposed to heat are kept at short and regular intervals and that no one works alone. Moreover, ensure the availability of the Coldest Water so all should stay hydrated.

The responsibility of Prime Contractor:

The prime contractor should install preparation areas, rest areas, and meals in cool, well-ventilated areas. Finally, it is essential to make workers aware of the importance of drinking a glass of Coldest Water every 20 minutes. No matter how thirsty, and to encourage them to stop and alert a colleague at the first sign of discomfort. There is no point in ignoring the signs and worsening the situation.


In the danger zone, a worker must drink 1 liter of Coldest Water per hour to guard against the risk of heat stroke. Without immediate access to drinking water, the employer must, therefore, ensure the transport of water on the site. A volume of water corresponding to 1.5 liters per hour per worker and provide the means to keep fresh. All the Contractors and Construction workers must ensure to have 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle to stay hydrated and healthy.

Avoid the Heat Stroke and Beat the Heat in the Coldest Way!