For many people, getting a drink from a café or coffee shop is a daily ritual. On the go coffees are everywhere, you will find that half the people around you are drinking coffee from cardboard cups when you stroll down any busy street.

Do you love coffee on the go? Get yourself a reusable coffee cup!

Although it doesn’t have to, using disposable coffee cups harms the environment. While protecting the environment, we can still enjoy that coffee on the go.

Here are some reasons for investing in reusable cups:

Protects the environment – It reduces waste, billions of cups are used and thrown away each year. Despite consumer misconceptions, just one out of every 400 cardboard cups is truly recycled. The cardboard is fused with a plastic lining to make the cups watertight; however, the plastic lining cannot be removed from the cardboard in a typical recycling facility. As a result, disposable cups frequently end up in landfills without being properly recycled.

The benefit to your health – Plastic is frequently used to make the lids that are included with reusable cups. The polystyrene in this kind of plastic seeps into your coffee. Sadly, paper cups are not much safer than other types of cups. It’s possible for the glue to separate and release the toxic substance melamine.

Saves you money – Reusable coffee cups not only save trees but also save you money. If you bring your own cups, many major cafés and coffee shops will give you a discount on your drinks. Carry your own cup and save those extra pennies.

Better taste – Your coffee won’t taste like plastic any more thanks to reusable cups. If you routinely consume hot drinks through a plastic lid, you run the risk of ingesting dangerous material BPA, which can contaminate both your drink and your body.

Modish – There are so many well-designed reusable coffee cups available that you are sure to discover one that matches your Instagram style. Making an environmental statement is still more attractive.

Keeps coffee warm – Have you ever hurried to catch a train or walked on a chilly day? Coffee stays heated longer in reusable cups or mugs. And your coffee mug’s snug cover will undoubtedly keep your suit clean for that office meeting.

Throwing away that one cardboard cup? It may not seem like much. But do you consider how many coffees you consume annually? Though it takes time, habit change is worthwhile. We should seize any chance, no matter how minor, to lessen harm since the environment is essential to our future and well-being.

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