So far I have enjoyed this this steel tumbler cup thingy. The size of it is very nice because it can fit into my microwave and not be too tall, but it still has room for a normal amount of drink since it is a thicker cup. It still fit just fine into the cup holder of my car and fits great in my hand, but I do have large hands so that could just be me. It kept my tea very hot throughout the day even when going outside into the cold. If I hadn’t taken the lid off it would have stay just as hot until past lunch I feel. I suppose it would keep cold things cool just as well since its the same idea, keeps the natural cold of the liquid in while keeping the heat out. I do wish that this cup had a lid that allowed you to shut the drinking slot so I could be sure it wouldn’t spill while I was driving, but its not that large so it should be ok. The lid is also very solid and holds onto the cup very well. I was able to pick up the cup full of liquid by the lid and it still didn’t come out, so you won’t have to worry about it popping off while driving. All in all I enjoy this cup a lot and will be using it for a while.

Review by on April 26, 2016