The Coldest Water is exactly what this cup is, but it doesnt stop there anything you put in it from soda, milkshakes, beer, water, juice, just ice, slushies anything you can dream of this cup is keeping it cold for you! Not just for an hour or even 2 but try about 12 hours of pure cold goldness! What could be even better you may ask yourself? This thing is great at keeping things hot as well so now i can have a coffee to go in the morning that never gets cold and then when Im all done pore in my ice and soda and bam Im good to go all day. I love this cup and how portable it is, it fits in both of my vehicles cup holders, it even fits in my exercise bikes cup holder. I have had this for a couple weeks now and its the absolute greatest. I love it so much that Im buying more as gifts! Who wouldnt love 12 hours of pure coldness? I tested out the 12 hour mark because i accidently left this thing outside in my car after getting home, when i realized it in the morning I went to go get my soda and it still was as cold as when I dumped it in! This cup has absolutly every cup I have ever owned beat and to think i use to use the bubba cups from walmart not anymore. This things is my dream come true and will be yours too.

Review by on May 13, 2016