I purchased this stainless steel tumbler because as the summer approaches i’ll be outside more and need something I can use for my beverages. I tried this out over the weekend and it worked great!
The absolute only thing i would change would be have a closure part for where you drink out of to prevent bugs/dirt from getting in and this is the only reason for a 4 start and not a 5.

One important thing I like about this cup is it doesn’t ‘sweat’ like many others when it gets hot outside. I can leave this in my car and it won’t get my car cup holder wet! I like that a lot!
This cup absolutely does not leak. This is of course a great selling point! The durability also adds great quality to this cup. I dropped mine a few times and it held up great!

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The Coldest Water Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup Hydro Pint 20 oz with Lid – Beverages Hot and Cold 3x Longer, Durable Double Wall Insulated Thermos Flask (Black)

Review by on May 2, 2016