This bottle is GREAT! I love my water and other cold drinks COLD and this makes that possible throughout the whole day. I can fill this bottle up with ice and water in the morning, drink, and refill it several times and still have ice at the end of my day. I purchased another bottle like this a while back and like it very much, too. I was having to take it with me everywhere, like back and forth to work so I am happy to have another one like it. Now also, I can compare the two. the other one is stainless steel, insulated and all, too but it is stainless steel on the outside. This is fine and I like it well enough, but I have to say I like this one better. The coating on the outside is much nicer to handle. The rubber ring around the bottom helps hold it in place in cup holders, too, though sometimes it is hard to get up out of the holder than others but not a major problem. I like the lid on this bottle better, too. The D-ring on the top makes it easy to carry and to put the lid on and off. The inside of the lid is open so I don’t have to worry as much about putting too much ice in it or filling it too full so that it overflows when I put the lid on (my other one does this). I have not tried it yet but I love the idea that it floats. This will be great to take to the lake this summer.

Review by on January 10, 2016