Ok I’m gonna start with the absolutely only thing I don’t like about this cup and that is simply there is no cover over where u drink from in the summer that will kinna stink…. NOW for the good… this cup is incredible…. I thought ha no way this cup will stay that cold. I work in a very hot steamy kitchen and I put a handful of ice and filled the cup with water at 9am and at 8pm I still had ice n my cup was same water to i had just left the cup sit in the car when I got off work and went to run errends and when I got home at 8 is was still like I had just got it… this would b an awesome cup for someone who works out n heat and for athletes. And I love the size of it to.. the roundness of it it’s not to skinny not to fat it’s just perfect.. this cup is definitely a keeper… I want to get more for gifts.. I know alot of people who would love this…. great work super A+item.

Review by on April 29, 2016