This is an extremely nice tumbler cup with a nice heavy lid. The tumbler is double walled stainless steel which means it is very insulated and helps to keep your drink the right temperature for longer whether that be hot or cold. The lid is a heavy duty plastic material and has a rubber ring to help hold it on snugly. There is a drinking spout in the lid and a vent to help the liquid flow freely. The cup is black with bright blue lettering and has a stainless rim. It has a really nice look to it as well as a great quality. This cup is rugged and durable and great for indoor or outdoor use. I plan to use this when I am sitting out in the sun this summer to help keep my iced tea cold longer. It is a nice large cup too so it will hold quite a bit of liquid. This is a great cup and I would absolutely recommend it:)!!

Review by on April 27, 2016