This is definitely a cool find. It’s giving the other brand named cups a run for their money.

Pros: it doesn’t sweat! It fits perfectly into the cup holder. The grip at the bottom makes for an easier grasp. It’s stainless steel so it cleans easily. My drink really does stay cold with ice! I live in Texas, so it’s important to have your drinks stay cold! It’s very durable and not too heavy when it’s completely full. The handle on the lid comes handy when you’re out on a hike and need a quick sip!

Cons: you have to hand wash this baby. Of course, to keep it lasting longer you should, but it’s inconvenient. There is not a variety of colors to choose from. I personally do not mind the colors, but it would be nice to be able to see something other than blue. I prefer to drink from a straw than having to constantly open and close the lid, therefore, I gave it four stars. Although, there are accessories and attachments that you may purchase separetly, it would have been nice if it was created that way.

Review by on March 3, 2016