Does what it says. Keeps water very cold for a very, very long time. I haven’t actually tested if it’s 25 hours but I believe the claim. It’s Leakproof, so far, so good. My only complaint is that I drink a lot of water and wish this exact bottle came in a larger size, like double this size. Price point is great. I looked into a yeti, but I can’t justify spending $80-$100 on a cup for work! That’s just a ridiculous price, IMO. So definitely The Coldest Water is in my price range, so much, I even purchased 2 bottles. My favorite thing is that I can toss it into my work bag and go. I don’t have to worry about a mess or trying to carry it while I’m on the go. I like it and would recommend it to others.

Review by on May 12, 2016