Pickleball is like playing tennis, but they use different equipment and rules. This game is a combination of some racket sports. It is suitable for kids and adults, easy for beginners who is starting to learn racket sports. The game will get intense when you are used in playing pickleball. This game can be played in single or double.
It is considered a great social activity, a great bonding with family, friends or workmates. This can also give a benefit for your physical and mental health while having fun. Playing pickleball allows you to practice your balance, agility, reflexes and the coordination of hand and eye.


Playing any sports can be tiring and there are circumstances that you’ll get injured. Sports injuries are commonly caused by wrong movement, excessive force used, direct impact and overuse of muscles. Here are some injuries you can get in playing pickleball.

  • Ankle Sprain
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Hamstring or Quadriceps Muscle Sprain
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Wrist Fracture

Above all injuries the most common in pickleball is the shoulder injury, it occurs because in pickleball game you move your shoulders and add a force to hit the ball using a racket it was the most overused part of your body when playing pickleball

This injuries will make you pause in playing pickleball for a certain time because some injuries may take time to heal and recover.


Warm Up
Playing any sports needs a warm up before hand, most specially if the sport that you are playing need to move the whole body. Proper warm up is required in any physical activity to condition the muscles.

Proper Attire
Wearing of proper attire can make you move comfortably in any physical activity, specifically wearing of proper shoes, there are shoes that gives comfort and support to your ankles.

Improving your strength, ability and endurance makes your body adapt in the activity that you are doing. This can improve your overall performance and it can also be a preventive measure for possible injuries.

Playing any sports can be addicting, others play for how many hours in a day this can result in overuse of muscles. After the activity, performing proper cooldown can relax the muscles and tendons.

Cold Therapy
This therapy is used for muscle sprains and and a prevention for tendinitis or the irritation in the tendons


Looking for a handy and reusable ice pack for your neck down to your shoulders? The Coldest Water designed and built a neck gel ice pack that is suitable for your cold therapy needs. This is recommended for athletes and performers to relieve pain and injury and is great for neck pain and sore muscles within that area.

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May 15, 2022 — Maxine Cold