A good pillow can be clean medicine against bad sleep, back pain, and headache. Have you chosen the right pillow!

Would you spend a whole day working on the head? No, that’s not very likely. But we often sleep with the head at the wrong angle. It is due to the wrong pillow.

The wrong pillow can cause tension in the muscles around the neck and shoulders. It can lead to a headache and in the worst case, neck collision, as the neck ends in the wrong position. A right pillow makes your neck and back reach as straight and neutral as possible. The experts explained.

Do you walk around with neck problems without knowing why it may be possible to review your pillows?

The needs change over the years. If you are a little older you may need more support than before because the head and muscles may have become stiffer. So it’s definitely worth testing a new good pillow if you’re in pain.

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What is the Most Common Mistake we make while choosing Pillow?

It is common for you to have a pillow that is too high. A high pillow is not the same as a good support. The important thing is that the airspace between the shoulders and neck is filled out.

Today there are pillows in all price ranges and shapes – but it’s mainly about finding one that suits you.

Bring the new right pillow and try for a while. Please switch between the new pillow and the old one so that the body gets used to the change.

But it’s not Just the Pillow that’s Important:

A soft mattress makes your shoulder and hips sink slightly when lying on the side so that your backbone becomes straight, the experts’ recommend.

The Coldest Pillow:

The Coldest water engineers worked hard for 1.5 years and developed the highest quality materials and to keep you cooler at night. They used new technology of Coldest Fusion Weave™ and Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer™ with the Coldest Gel Fluffs.

It is built for coldness. A cold rest helps the body recover faster while allowing for deeper sleep.

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It is made in Such a Way That You Can Adjust the Filling to Your Style:

The coldest pillows come plush and cool stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. However, you can adjust it to your specific plush volume.

Their engineers also worked to develop the Coldest Mattress for better sleep and stay healthy.

You Should Keep In Mind When Buying A Pillow:

The basic shape of the pillow is the most important. Choose that retains the support without sinking while sleeping. If the shape does not feel good, you move more to sleep to find a comfortable position, which causes sleep to be disturbed.

Please choose a pressure-relieving pillow of Coldest like material. It conforms to the head and neck, maintains blood circulation and provides evenly distributed pressure on the body. Keep in mind that many pillows are available in different sizes – try out the one that suits you. It is better to buy the coldest pillow.

You can sleep on the right pillow. Many sleep with two pillows and experiment with them to make it feel good.

A Right Pillow Is Better:

Choose height based on how you sleep. If you sleep on the side you can choose a higher than if you sleep on the back. The one who is sleeping on the stomach should ideally avoid at all – or choose a flat variant – to avoid the wrong angle of the neck.

Think of the Coldest Pillow / Coldest Mattress bed combination. It can help the muscles in the neck, head, and shoulders to relax. You will have better sleep and will awake fresh in the next morning. Naturally, the next day will be more productive for you.

Bring Right Pillow and Stay Healthy!

November 17, 2018 — Shane