Eleven Ways to Lose Weight without Exercising or Dieting

Scientific studies have shown how one can lose weight without any necessity for exercising or dieting. It is not that easy to stick to a particular way of having food or a schedule for doing exercises. Therefore, science has given us ways to lose weight by having lesser calories. Following are the different ways one can lose weight and also avoid gaining weight.

Chew Slowly And Thoroughly:

Science has shown that the brain takes time to analyze whether what has been eaten is enough or not.

As you eat, you chew properly, making you go so slow and consume fewer portions that you decrease your food intake with the feeling of the stomach being full.

Therefore, weight changes are proportional to the way you eat your food.

More than 20 studies have been made that showed how fast eaters gained substantial weight than those who ate slowly.

Thus, obesity is also linked to eating faster.

To ensure one eats as slowly as possible, it is useful to count the number of chews each bite has taken. It is a fact if you have a number of chews, you will eat lesser food.

So, get fewer calories to lose weight, by eating slowly and also get the benefit of preventing weight gain.

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Smaller the Plates, Lesser the Consumption:

The plates we use today are quite large and hence we have the tendency to fill the plates. When it comes to consuming fatty foods, the same cannot hold good.

As we eat more, we put on more weight. To cut on our consumption, especially fatty foods, smaller plates serve the purpose the best. We, therefore, eat less and what is just about sufficient.

But when it comes to the consumption of healthy foods, it is better to use the usual larger plates.

Eat More Protein:

Protein foods give the feeling of fuller stomach and thus reduce the intake of calories. Protein food also helps in reducing the feeling of hunger. This is basically because the hunger hormones get affected by the proteins.

In one of the studies, the participants were made to consume double the proteins than their usual intake. This led to the consumption of fewer calories of 400 per day. It also helped the participants lose weight by about eleven pounds over a period of twelve weeks.

If your breakfast is short of proteins, start eating the protein-rich eggs.

One of the studies showed that obese women, in comparison to those who had grain-based breakfast, ate fewer calories after they switched over to eggs for breakfast. This also helped them consume lesser food and therefore lesser calories, the rest of the day.

Apart from eggs, proteins are abundant in chicken, fish, lentils, nuts, and seeds like almonds and quinoa, Greek yogurt, etc.

So eat more proteins and without exercising or calorie consciousness, you can reduce or lose weight.

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Let Fatty Foods Be Stored Away:

It is but natural that as soon as we see fatty foods which are actually unhealthy foods, we tend to crave for the same. Such foods also increase our hunger often. Consumption of such unhealthy foods can also lead to obesity.

A recent study proved that those who see fruits first weigh lesser than those who see high-calorie unhealthy foods first; because of the urge to eat fatty foods.

Therefore, put away the fatty or high-calorie foods out of sight to help yourself lose weight.

Fiber Rich Foods Good for Consumption:

Since fiber-rich foods are not so easy to digest, the stomach feels full for long, when fibrous foods are consumed.

Studies have shown that viscous fiber, a particular type of fiber, makes the stomach feel fuller and thus reduces the consumption of food, paving way for losing weight.

Examples of viscous fiber foods are oats, beans, cereals, flax seeds, Brussels sprouts, oranges, etc.

The main cause for viscous fiber to increase satiety is the presence of gel in such foods, which delays the absorption of nutrients in the stomach. Therefore, the stomach getting empty is also delayed and leads to getting hungry sooner and it helps to lose weight.

One can get vicious fiber-rich food supplement for weight loss, known as glucomannan.

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Drinking Water Can Reduce Weight:

Drinking water, especially before meals, can help lose weight.

A study showed that drinking about 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before meals causes a lesser intake of calories. Participants in the 12-week study showed 44% more loss of weight in comparison to those who did not drink water before meals.

Try replacing sugary drinks like juice and soda with water and enjoy the weight loss effect.

Eat Smaller Portions of Food:

Foods when served in larger portions cause the consumer to eat more thereby increase their weight.

In a study, it was found that double the size of starters just before meals increased calories consumed by almost 30%.

Help yourself with a serve of fewer calories and yet you will not make out the difference in the stomach getting fuller. Thus, help yourself reduce weight.

No Distractions While Eating:

While doing one particular job, concentrate on the same to maximize the results obtained.

Similarly, while eating, only eat. Don’t distract yourself to other things like watching television, playing games or anything other than eating. Otherwise, you tend to eat more without your own knowledge. This will be a great obstacle to lose weight.

In a review of more than 20 studies done, people ate more than 10% their usual intake, while distracted.

Also, being not conscious while eating, leads to more consumption of food later during the day. It was found that during meals later in the day, such distracted people had 25% more calories.

Therefore, eating subconsciously or without being conscious, playing games or watching TV, you end up eating more and putting more weight.

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Good Sleep and Avoid Stress:

Avoid stress as it produces effects on sleep and appetite. Ultimately, it causes to develop some hormones that lead to weight gain.

As we sleep less, the appetite hormones like ghrelin get affected. Cortisol, another hormone gets elevated. With such imbalance in these hormones, the hunger and craving, specifically for fatty foods, becomes more.

Therefore, as you deprive yourself of substantial sleep, you tend to become hungry often and crave for unhealthy foods, putting yourself to the risk of obesity and other health issues, including type-2 diabetes. If you are really interested to lose weight, make sure life stress free.

Discard Sugary Drinks

Sugar is dangerous to health.

Sugary drinks like soda or even fruit juices have increased risk of various diseases. Though sugar is calorie rich, liquid calories have a different effect in comparison to solid calories. Unlike solid calorie-rich foods, liquid calories will never cause fullness of stomach, how much ever liquids are consumed.

Therefore, instead of sugary drinks, drink more water or green tea or coffee.

Serving Food in Red Plates:

We have earlier seen the effects of using various sized plates on our habits of consuming various foods. When it comes to consuming unhealthy or fatty foods, it is better to use red and small plates.

In a study, participants consumed fewer quantity pretzels from red plates than from blue or white plates. Because we are used to pretending the red color for danger or something negative since our childhood, we may get used to consuming less from red plates and it helps to reduce weight.

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The Conclusion

The above points convey that we need not follow any conventional diet plans or workout plans, but few lifestyle changes help us to lose weight.

Preferring viscous fiber-rich foods along with protein-rich foods may help. Avoid distraction while eating, drinking lots of water, especially before eating, eating as slowly as possible and using red and smaller plates are some ways to lose weight.

A word of caution though, try only one of the above at a time and see if anyone particular habit helps or needs switching over to another.