The world is crying as global warming increases with environmental pollution. What are the causes? Before we move to causes of pollution and global warming, there is a need to admit the worst reality that human beings are responsible for all this. Yes, we have disturbed the natural balance on lands and in the oceans. Among the major factors, the contribution of plastic is very prominent. Therefore it is better to find an alternative when it is clear that plastic is dangerous for health and the environment. Coldest Water Bottles are a great effort to save users and protect the environment. Here are pros of coldest water bottles and cons of plastic water bottles.

Plastic Contains Toxic BPA:

Plastic is dangerous because of the chemical based construction. It contains BPA which can mix with the bloodstream. This is why plastic water bottles are considered the main cause of several disorders such as cancer, reproductive failure, and others. It is suggested to avoid the plastic water bottles in order to stay away from BPA and its negative effects.

Coldest Bottle

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Changes the Taste And Smell:

Remember, plastic water bottles degrade in high temperature especially in direct sunlight. Almost all the plastic water bottles containing water release tiny plastic pieces resulting in bad odor and change in taste. This causes mix up of microplastics in the bloodstream. On the other hand, plastic water bottles present in landfills and oceans also release microplastics. These are consumed by the small organisms being feed for larger animals. In this way, it becomes a part of the entire food chain.

Plastic Water Bottles Are Non-Reusable:

You have to dump the plastic water bottles once used because these are not reusable. Plastic water bottles can be recycled but only 25 % of total production is processed. It is necessary to focus on the recycling of more plastic which is nearly impossible.

So these are cons of using plastic water bottles in routine life. Let’s see the benefits of using the coldest water bottles.

Prefer Durable Coldest Bottle:

It has high durability because of the modern technologies. This novel bottle has a special stainless steel structure. This provides fresh and odorless water for a longer period. It also has excellent insulation for keeping drinks cold and fresh.

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Easy Airtight Lid:

Users can drink water or other fluids from the coldest water bottles with a single hand. It happens because of the airtight lid which has a straw. On the other hand, it keeps the container airtight so no germs go inside. In this way, users enjoy pollutant and toxin-free water.

Cost Effective:

Coldest water bottles are cost effective when compared to plastic water bottles. You will need a new plastic bottle every time. In contrast, this stainless steel bottle runs for the lifetime. It is a reusable bottle allowing the users to refill fluids.

Keeps Things Frozen:

Fill coldest water bottles with ice cubes and it will keep them solid for 24 hours and more. It means that water with ice cubes will remain cold for longer. This is an ideal feature which functions best to avoid dehydration and heat stroke in hot months.