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Travelling broadens your perspective, explore new things and places, and most of all you need that well-deserved break escaping the stress and pressure of your daily life. We look forward to that family vacation, road trip, and holiday travels. Any getaway makes lasting memories with our family. Many parents plan those family adventures, days, months, or a year before those awaited days.

Why do we plan?

You will enjoy that trip and part of having that adventure is the days and months of planning it. Planning itself is fun, shaping that thought and imagining that adventure in your mind will surely make you excited. Of course, the important reason for planning is to avoid the inconvenience and the potential danger while traveling. Keeping your children safe are always on the top of your mind. From choosing child-safe friendly places, packing their clothes and medicines to the water that they will drink.

Children’s travel advice

“Tricky people, trick people” – This is a simple term we can use to teach our children to be safe. Not all strangers and scary-looking people are a threat. It is more effective for them to learn how to be smart and not merely judge by the appearance of other people.

Picture Perfect – Before heading out for that adventure, take that click on your camera and have a clear straight-on photo of your little ones. During a time of stress and worry, big chances of you forgetting what your kids wear on that day.

Track your kids – Children tend to get excited and be out of your sight. Whether have them a wearable tracking device or tie a bright color wristband on your kids with your contact number.

Keep them healthy – They become irritable when they are hungry, and some are finicky eaters. Tips on this are to boost their immunity before your vacation.

While traveling, keep hydrated – One of the most important things to remember while traveling is to stay hydrated. When children are excited and on the move, they often forget to drink enough water. Children and Electrolytes: Everything You Need to Know

It is advisable to use stainless steel water and insulated water bottle for long trips, especially if you are heading to a tropical or warm region.

Select water bottles that will keep your water cool for an extended period of time. Making sure your little ones are hydrated

This is a feature of the Coldest Water Bottle. A high-capacity water bottle that will keep your water cold at least 36 hours. It has a technology that floats on the water and with rubber grip suitable for your little ones.

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