22 Tips That Make It Easy to Drink More Water Daily

It will seem the worst and boring thing to drink more water in a day. In fact, it is a challenging thing for every human to drink plenty of water a day. No one can continue and maintain this habit. However, athletes and professional sportsmen have a better routine to drink water continuously every day. There are some very interesting and creative tips for you to drink more water daily and sustain this habit. All these water drinking tips are easy to adopt and workout in your routine life. Drink more water helps to stay healthy. Carry a water bottle to drink fresh and safe water.

1- Add a Flavor in Water You Drink:

Distilled and fresh water is an excellent liquid to keep you hydrated. It plays a worthy role in blood circulation and digestion system. Further, people need to drink more water to stay hydrated and burn fats. Unluckily, it is a bit challenging to drink plenty of pure water. If you aim to drink water more, you should add some flavors of fruits and beverages. In this way; you can drink as much quantity of water as you want. Your water will become tasty one and you can drink it easily to meet your drinking and liquid needs each day.

2- Drink One Glass of Water in Every Toilet Break:

This is a fine suggestion to link your drinking water habit with regular activities you do. In fact, this can be best for you to take one glass of water after every visit to the bathroom. If you develop and keep this routine, you can have more chances to drink more water quite easily. You will need to be punctual in repeating this activity and soon, it will become your regular habit. This will help you in refilling your body water content and you can stay healthy as well as hydrated. If you use the bathroom more than regular need, you should keep drinking and refilling water level in your body.

3- Drink Water Before Every Meal:

Drinking water before a meal can be extremely beneficial and useful for a person. You need to develop a habit of drinking a couple of glasses of water a few minutes before your meal. It is good for you to keep this habit for every meal in a day. If you drink water prior to take your meal, it will develop your digestion capacity and support the system. Further, it will control many types of stomach infections and ailments. These little rules will support you a lot to improve your fitness level and overall health in a short course of time.

4- Measure Your Water Glasses:

Latest technology supports you in every little matter of life. If you want to count and remind a total number of glasses you will drink a day, you can use some smart apps. Sure, you can download these types of applications and count every cycle of drinking water. This app will help you in taking your glasses regularly and keep drinking water after an equal interval of time. In this way; you can count as well as drink number of glasses of water daily. Athletes and sportsmen mostly use such types of applications that help them in drinking sufficient amount of water daily.

5- Take the Best Water Bottle:

Do you have an outdoor routine? In fact, if you execute some activities away from your homes or offices, it can be a bit typical to drink plenty of water. Anyhow, you don’t have any need to worry about this. There are a number of global brands that make the best quality, insulated and lasting durable water bottles. Sure, you can try the coldest water bottles with creative features and unique specs. It is better for you to use the best water bottle to meet your outdoor drinking needs. You must keep refilling your bottle to drink water regularly.

Coldest Water Bottle


6- Use Ice and Water to Dilute Sugary Drinks:

Are you unable to drink plenty of water consistently in a day? No worries, you can use some other ways to drink some healthy fluids. It is fine for you to use the best and useful sugary drinks. However, you must add some water and ice as well to dilute these drinks and enjoy them. In this way; you will feel the thirst for a different taste and sweetness. So, you will be able to resume drinking plenty of water regularly. In fact, your focus should be on liquid intake regardless of the way you choose and follow to drink water.

7- Keep a Water Gallon Near:

If you remain busy in your official and household activities, then you need to keep some bigger water containers near you. Today, insulated water gallons are available. Sure, the coldest one gallon water bottle is a huge one to meet your indoor and outdoor drinking needs. This big gallon is enough to let you drink the desired quantity of water. It is fine for you to keep these types of big gallons filled with cold or hot water near your working desk.

8- Drink Water Regularly:

If you desire to live a healthy life, you need to invest in a filter plant for your home. This is the best way to get filtered water at low cost. You should prefer distilled water that is better in carrying energy and healthy substances for you. If you are leaving for some outdoor activities, you can carry filtered water in some big-sized water containers and bottles. This is the right way to maintain your habit to drink water consistently and up to an expected limit. Now mini-sized RO water filter plants are available for household uses. You can buy and get installed such filter plants at your homes.

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9- Use Mineral Water Instead of Soda:

Many people desire to drink soft drinks, sugary liquids and soda instead of water. In fact, these liquids are good for staying hydrated. But, mineral or sparkling water is far better and more useful than soda drinks. You should give huge importance to drink sparkling water that can meet your drinking needs and let you enjoy a healthy life. If it costs you high to buy distilled or bottled water, you can make sparkling water at home with some mini systems and keep in the Coldest Water Bottle.

10- Consume Water-Rich Foods:

There are a number of useful and recommended foods that are rich in water. For example; watermelon, cucumber, and grapefruits are famous that carry a huge quantity of water. You should drink water as well as consume these types of fruits. They will deliver you enough quantity of water and you can refill your water level. Further, these fruits will also supply a sufficient amount of energy along with water. It is best for a human to take these fruits in daytime that will be extremely useful and healthy for them.

11- Take Alcohol by One-to-One Rule:

One to one rule is a fantastic one for the people who drink alcohol as a liquid to stay hydrated. In fact, they can take alcohol to meet the water level of their body, but they should take one cocktail and one glass of water. This combination will definitely meet the drinking needs of a person. Further, you should try your level best to keep alcohol intake limited, while you must drink water regularly during a day. This will help you in staying hydrated and prevent many infections and disorders which alcohol intake may lead.


12- Prefer Marked Water Bottle:

Sometimes the people drink more water, but they don’t have any idea that how much they have drunk. They should do efforts for hydration level. If they want to count a total number of water glasses they drink a day, then they should use some water bottles with measurement marks. These numbered or marked bottles will help you in measuring a total number of glasses and water quantity you are drinking regularly. Your preference should be the maximum quantity of water. If you use marked water bottles, then you can make a habit to drink water with a desired or targeted limit that you will aim drinking each day.

13- Keeping Fill Your Bottle Back:

It is not a tough task to make a habit and schedule to drink plenty of water regularly. You have to follow it for a few days or a couple of weeks. It is good for you to keep refilling your water bottles if you drain a glass of water to drink. Everyone must repeat this process regularly and keep enough water at the back to drink. This habit will be more profitable for you if you have outdoor activities and physical workouts in the everyday schedule. If you have a full bottle of water in hand, you can drink water very easily.

14- Snacking on Salty Stuff:

You should add salty stuff in your diet, Sodium and salty nuts will increase thirst of the people. They will need to drink more water. You must take some snacks daily to increase the water intake that will support you to meet your body water level and needs. You can also add some salty flavors to your water you are going to drink the whole day. This will help you in drinking water consistently and let you reach your drinking goals.

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15- Take Herbal Tea:

Water is best to drink as hot in winter and ice in summer. You need to include herbal tea in your regular schedule to increase the quantity of water. This will be a great decision that gives you a great touch to drink some liquids in a tasty and delicious flavor, while it will also deliver you some mental calm. You can take a little break in your working and have an herbal tea to change your simple taste of water. This will also help you in repeating your water drinking routine successfully.

16- Keep Water Bottles with You:

If it is your habit to drink more water daily, you need to place some water bottles at the places where you keep visiting. For example; you should keep big bottles filled with filtered and pure water near your working table or place. Similarly, you should put a few water bottles at different places in your home. This will help you to keep drinking water, while you will have no need to purchase distilled water. Further, everyone must go for refilling water bottles once they drain some glasses to drink.

17- Schedule for Every 8 Ounces:

You have almost 14 to 16 hours when you are working, visiting, traveling, taking rest and sitting anywhere else. You need to divide this total duration into some segments and fix each part of the time with a glass of water. Basically, it is very effective and useful for you to schedule to drink water at regular intervals. This will help you in drinking water several times a day and continuously. In this way; you can drink plenty of water according to your time table and have great health features.

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18- Finish a Water Bottle in Each of Workouts:

Staying hydrated with physical workouts is a must situation. You need to drink a big water bottle in three steps when going for some exercises. Actually, you will face consistent sweating and discharge of water content from your body during your activities. Thus, you will have more risks of dehydrated that can be a critical thing for you. Further, you should divide the entire water bottle into three sessions. First, you must drink two to three glass of water before to start exercises. Secondly, you should drink water in more numbers of glasses in the mid-break of your workout session. Finally, you should repeat the same drinking action right after 10 minutes of ending your exercising session. It means you will have to finish a whole water bottle in your workouts.

19- Pick Cool and Reusable Straws:

It is a good suggestion to use anti-slip and reusable cool straw that gives you a style of drinking. Most people pay for some good quality and cool straws that let them drink water or other soft drinks consistently. If you are using straws for drinking water, you can drink more water than a glass. It is fine to use a straw to drink some cold coffees, drinks and sugary juices mixed up with distilled water. This is a great idea to keep drinking the targeted amount of water daily.

20- Drink One Glass Water Before a Coffee:

It takes 30 to 40 minutes to make an energetic and superb cup of hot or cold coffee. Are you going to enjoy your coffee in a taste you like? You need to move to your table and pick up the glass to drink water. It is very useful for you to drink at least 2 glass of fresh and pure water just before to take coffee. You can also do the same thing when you are going to take tea. This will help you in staying hydrated as well as full of energy.

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21- Include Drinking Water in Daily Transitions:

From your wake-up to your sleep in bed at night, you will have many short and regular transitions. You go for a bathroom, brush, shower, and breakfast in the morning session. Outdoor working, office, study, visiting, lunch are afternoon transitions. Similarly, you have many things to do and repeat at night session. It is fine for you to fix your water drinking habit in each of your transition. If you do this successfully the whole day, it can be extremely beneficial and useful for your health and energy level.

22- Encourage Yourself for Drinking More Water:

If you are punctual and successful to reach your drinking goals, it is time to reward yourself. You need self-appreciation for your obedience, loyalty to your health and good habit. So, you should never forget or ignore it to rate your efforts and punctually. This thing will push you to continue the same efforts to drink water more and enjoy self-reward. You will become punctual to drink a huge quantity of water after a few weeks. It will help you to glow the skin maintain overall health.