Calf Muscle Tear Recovery

A Calf strain or muscle tear is the problem of fibrous muscles behind the lower leg. This issue causes mild to severe pain depending on the intensity. It is important to understand the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of the Calf muscle tear. This information assists the athletes and players to control the muscle issue as soon as possible. In common, orthopedics or chiropractors use leg compression, icing and other techniques to set the alignment of these fibrous muscles.

Cold therapy is best:

You can think about the cold therapy in order to reduce the intensity of pain. Cold therapy commonly known as icing is helpful to remove numbness, swelling and bruising. How to use ice on your legs? We recommend thinking modern. Buy the best Coldest Water Ice Pack. This Ice Pack comes with the latest technology of Gel Reusable. This product has become a popular option for the athletes and sportsmen facing this injury. It has following features.

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What symptoms of Calf muscle tear?

Symptoms of this disorder may change with the passage of time. In most of the cases, sharp and sudden pain appears in the lower back leg. This disorder usually disturbs the entire movement because of swelling, numbness and bruising. You will feel severe pain when touching the injured area. Remember, immediate attention is required to control the Calf muscle tear otherwise it may lead to further issues. Depending on the severity of Calf muscle tear, it has been divided into three categories.

Grade 1 symptom:

In this situation, 25 % muscle fibers get damaged. This situation is painful because it limits the movement of athletes. An injury may develop due to sudden movement, turning, jump or continuous running. According to some experts, athletes can continue their routines with grade1 symptoms. However, some experts believe that it is dangerous.

Grade 2 symptoms:

This is a severe condition in which 90 % of the muscle fiber gets damaged. This muscle tearing completely disturbs the daily routines. Proper rest and diagnosis are essential to take care of grade 2 symptoms. You may face severe pain in the lower leg whenever trying to walk or move.

Grade 3 symptoms:

This is worst situation in which 90-100 % damage. This may cause ruptures in the muscle. You will be unable to continue practice sessions and exercises. Ignoring the Calf muscle tear at this stage may cause general weakness in the body. Considerable swelling and bruising also occur in the problem are left untreated.

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You have to be careful about movement and exercises. Immediately visit your doctor whenever you have sharp or sudden pain in the back leg. Consider the P.R.I.C.E standards to avoid further issues.

Ice therapy:

You have the best coldest water ice pack. This can offer ideal cold therapy for 20 minutes. This will reduce the severity of Calf muscle tear. Read instructions before you use this ice pack for more benefits.