This is a great brush for cleaning water bottles! I purchased the Coldest Water Bottle Brush to clean my Hydro Flask that I use for coffee. The inside had a significant amount of coffee stains in it and the Coldest Water Bottle Brush cleaned it out perfectly. I tried taking before and after pictures of the inside of the Hydro Flask, but I couldn’t get a good image. I honestly didn’t think that the Coldest Water Bottle Brush would get all the coffee stains out of my Hydro Flask! The Coldest Water Bottle Brush comes with two smaller brushes. I used the smallest one to clean out the ports of the Hydro Flask lid, it worked really well for this.

The smaller brushes also work great for cleaning out a bunch of other stuff! So much so, that it’s a good idea to mount the brush in a convenient location near the kitchen sink. I purchased a small adhesive hook to hang the brush under the sink when not being used. The smaller two brushes have notches in the handle, so they can be removed from the plastic ring without separating the ring itself, which is really convenient!

Review By Joy on August 30, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API