You have owned your water bottle since you can remember, but you are getting a little tired of looking at it. While you would classify your bottle as old faithful, with it being there for you through thick and thin, and during the good and bad times, it just does not change. It looks tired, worn and lacks pizzazz. So how can you dress it up so it looks as vibrant as you feel?

Thankfully Coldest Water and a few other innovative water bottle gurus have come up with a solution. It is called a water bottle sleeve, and they are so cost effective that you can have one for every day of the week if you want. Of course, the have other benefits, such as they help you to keep your water cooler for longer, and they protect your water bottle from damage.

Why You Need Top Water Bottle Sleeves in 2017
You should only need to own one water bottle as this water bottle should last you years, if not for your lifetime. However, in saying this, owning the one water bottle for a whole lifetime could be a little boring. Let us elaborate.

You have owned the same water bottle for the last 5-years. This bottle has been fantastic, it has served you well, offering you the coldest water and staying chilled for longer than any other. But, it looks tired, worn and a little ugly. You have climbed mountains with it, ridden along some of the toughest trails on your bike, and you have run long-distance marathons with it by your side. But now, well, it looks like it is in need of some tender loving care and a facelift.

So you want to change your water bottle’s appearance and freshen it up a little. After all, as the adage says, “change is as good as a holiday.” So imagine if you could convert your old faithful water bottle in colour, or even design, to match your mood, your outfit or even your nail or hair colour. Well, now you can with one of the top water bottle sleeves in 2017.

Types of Top Water Bottle Sleeves in 2017
There are a vast number of water bottle sleeves available on the market and this gives a chance to choose what you want. The best sleeves for your bottle are those that insulate your water bottle and keep your water cooler. Two of the most common products used to manufacture top water bottle sleeves in 2017 are Neoprene and Silicone, as these materials are affordable and good insulators.

Neoprene is one of the most accessible water bottle sleeve materials used worldwide. This product is used to make wet suits, stubbie holders and wine chillers. It is lightweight, comfortable to the use and to hold, and keeps your water temperature cooler. It also protects your water bottle from damage such as scratching and denting.

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According to the American Chemistry Council, Neoprene, also known as Poly chloroprene, is a synthetic rubber that is an organic compound. This compound is water, oil, solvent and heat resistant, so it makes an ideal insulator and protector for your water bottle. This is why Neoprene is used to make most of the most top water bottle sleeves in 2017.

Another product that some of the top water bottle sleeves of 2017 are made form is Silicone. This product is non-toxic and durable state a number of manufacturers who use it. While many water bottle sleeves have been made from this material, it is not as popular as Neoprene; this is because it is harder to cleaner. However, Silicone is considered to be stylish as it comes in a range of colours and it protects your water bottle from damage.

Silicone according to the American Chemistry Society is a constituent of sand, known as silica. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics, which can be toxic.

Another product that top water bottle sleeves of 2017 are created from is Nylon. This material is also a polymer and according to San Diego Plastics, it is waterproof, highly durable, and unyielding.

How the Top Water Bottle Sleeves in 2017 Were Rated
Some people will argue that the best water bottle sleeves are those that keep your water the coolest. These individuals are not concerned with the looks, but more with the practicality of the top water bottle sleeves in 2017. Others will say that the best water bottle sleeves are the most colourful, with beautiful, eye-catching designs.

Some top water bottle sleeves of 2017 users will elect to go for a simple water bottle sleeve design with no handles or pouches for storage; they look purely at cost. Whereas others prefer, carry handles, a pouch bag and a shoulder strap.

So after careful consideration and reviewing hundreds of Amazon buyer reviews on water bottle sleeves it is confirmed that the top water bottle sleeves in 2017 are those that cater specifically to a customer’s needs. Water bottle sleeves need to be practical, serving a purpose for you, the buyer. Your water bottle sleeve needs to keep your water cooler, for longer, while protecting your water bottle so that its lifespan is extended.

Therefore, to decide which were the top water bottle sleeves in 2017, a number of factors were taken into consideration. These top water bottle sleeves had to meet stringent expectations, as specified below:
• Water stored in the bottle had to stay cooler for longer.
• The water bottle had to be protected from damage.
• The sleeve had to be affordable and well priced.
• The product used to make the sleeve had to last.
• The sleeve had to have extra benefits – either a colourful design that was eye-catching or it had carry straps and pouches for storage.

The Top Water Bottle Sleeves in 2017 to Buy
Let’s look at the top water bottle sleeves in 2017 now. These water bottle sleeves passed the rigours of testing by a number of Amazon customers, and they passed with good, if not near perfect results. The ten top water bottle sleeves in 2017 are as follows:

1. The Coldest Water Bottle Sleeves
This sleeve rated the highest for a number of reasons. Firstly, it protected the bottle from damage and kept the water cooler in the bottle for longer. Secondly, this water bottle sleeve is multi-compatible so it fits over water bottles that are made of stainless steel and plastic. Thirdly, this water bottle sleeve comes with hands-free carrying – an optional strap. Meaning that the buyer can use their hands for other activities, rather than holding their water bottle.

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The Coldest Water bottle sleeve also has a pouch so you can store your phone and keys in safely, and a cover so you can seal your water bottle so that no-one can tamper with it. Lastly, its cost is affordable at under $20. This water bottle sleeve has received over 60 customer reviews on Amazon and has been given a 4 and a half star rating.

2. AUPET Water Bottle Sleeves
These water bottle sleeves are by Professional Bags. This manufacturer of water bottle sleeves makes some of the loudest designs in colour and image. In vibrant pinks, oranges and blues, buyers can select from butterfly pictures, owls, dogs, flowers, animal prints, and psychedelic colours. Plus, these water bottle sleeves are priced under $15 each, which means that owning more one is affordable. These water bottle sleeves are constructed from Neoprene, are stainless steel and plastic bottle compatible, and protect your water bottle from damage. They are also machine washable, available in 750 ml and 1000 ml designs and have a hands-free strap. The AUPET water bottle sleeve rates at 4 and a half stars by buyers on Amazon, with more than 40 customers purchasing this product.

3. Onoola Water Bottle Sleeves
Priced at under $20 this water bottle sleeve received a 5-star rating on Amazon, with more than 400 buyers reviewing the product. But this was not enough for this water bottle sleeve to be in the top 2 of the top water bottle sleeves in 2017. Why? Well, this sleeve is limited to the type of water bottles that it fits best. Suited only to hydro flasks, Yetii Ramblers and Lifeline Fifty Fifty water bottles that come in 18, 24, 32, 40 and 64 oz. So if you do not have one of these water bottles, then you may have problems fitting the sleeve to your bottle. However, in saying this, the sleeve does have an adjustable strap and a large pouch for storage of valuables. It is also made from Neoprene, keeping your water chilled for longer and your water bottle protected from damage from any end.

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4. Jugsleeve Water Bottle Sleeve
This water bottle sleeve is made from Neoprene to prevent damage, and it has added padding inside, to cushion any water bottle falls. Also, it has a Nylon outer casing for extra protection. This material gives the sleeve greater durability and your water bottle extra protection. It also has a shoulder strap for hands-free use and a side handle carrying option. It works best with 40 oz water bottles. The Jugsleeve water bottle sleeve comes in a variety of colours; pink and black are the most sought after, with more than 260 Amazon customers buying this colour and over 150 buying pink. This water bottle sleeve also rates at 4 and a half stars on Amazon.

5. Water Vault Deluxe Neoprene Sleeve
Coming in four different colours, black, green, pink and blue this water bottle sleeve is lightweight and is made of Neoprene. Priced at under $20, it is affordable and comes with a should strap for hands-free use. Available in two sizes to fit a bottle with a 10 and 12-inch circumference. The sleeve fits 12, 16, 20, 24, and 26 oz bottles. A larger size is also available for 40 oz bottles. This sleeve is compatible with stainless steel, plastic and sports bottles, as well as energy drinks. Rated a 4 and a half stars by Amazon users, this bottle received over 70 reviews.

6. Neosling Adjustable Water Bottle Sleeve
Priced at under $15 this Neoprene water bottle sleeve is a sling that your cradles your water bottle. It has an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap for hands-free comfort and comes in 7 different colours. It also protects your bottle from damage and keeps your water cooler for longer. Rated at 4 and a half stars, and purchased by more than 1,000 Amazon customers it is one of the most popular top water bottle sleeves in 2017, but not necessarily the best.

7. ICOLOR Water Bottle Sleeve
Also made of Neoprene, this water bottle sleeve comes in more than ten vibrant designs – from stars to cats to stripes. This water bottle sleeve has an adjustable strap and is easy to clean around both sides. Priced at under $12 this sleeve rates at 5-stars with 13 Amazon customers purchasing the product. So, while this water bottle sleeve was not purchased by hundreds of people, many of its buyers thought that it was well-worth the money that they spent this is why it made it into the top water bottle sleeves in 2017 list.

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8. Nalgene Water Bottle Sleeve
This sleeve comes with a belt clip, rather than an over-the-shoulder strap, which means it clips to your waist. Available in three colours and made of Neoprene, this sleeve is easy to wash and dry. Purchased by more than 150 Amazon customers, this water bottle sleeve received a 4 and a half star rating.

9. Cool Stuff Water Bottle Sleeve
Acquired by more than 200 Amazon customers, this water bottle sleeve received 4-stars and is priced at under $20. It comes in two different colours and is suitable for wide-mouth drink bottles. It is simple but useful for cooling and protection of your water bottle.

10. Intrepid International Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve
Priced at under $12, this is another simple, but efficient water bottle sleeve. This product has a plastic clip so that you can attach it to your belt for hands-free use. It is also made of stretchable Neoprene so it fits over most bottles. It comes in 5 different colours which enables you to choose your type and rated at 4-stars. More than 40 Amazon customers purchased this water bottle.

Are you seeking to find the right top water bottle sleeve in 2017 for you and your water bottle? If your answer is YES, then visit the Coldest Water. We can help YOU find the right sleeve for you and you are promised you will get all what you want concerning the product and brand.

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