Best Water Bottle Accessories

How to Choose the Ideal Bottle from a variety of Bottles

Reusable bottles are ideal for sporting activities. Landing with the wrong bottle will inconvenience your day. To avoid falling sick because of using the wrong bottle, Here is a simple guide to get you tat perfect bottle you never regret in your daily life .

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Stainless Steel is the Way to Go

Stainless steel bottles are preferable over plastic bottles for two reasons. First, you will find it easy cleaning stainless steel bottles. Secondly, Stainless steel bottles are more hygienic. Furthermore, stainless steel bottles are more durable which will save you tons of money buying plastic bottles over and over in a short time . You can use one stainless steel bottle throughout your lifetime without getting disturbed moving from one shop to other looking a bottle.

Should Have a Big Mouth

Do not go for narrow-mouthed bottles for hygienic reasons. They prove a problem when trying to clean them which can be time consuming and you will not be able to get rid of all the bacteria. In fact, bacteria hide in the hard to reach places of the bottle. A wide mouthed bottle is easier to maintain using the brushes and provide no hardships when cleaning. You should ensure that all parts of the bottle are thoroughly cleaned after washing.



Cleaning can either be an easy or hard task depending on the tools you are using. Most people use water and soap which is not enough. The design of your bottle is the first challenge when it comes to cleaning. If the entrance is narrow then washing inside will prove o be a challenge. You will need brushed that can reach the bottom part of the bottle to make sure that there is no bacteria or dirt left. Using warm or hot brushers and water with soap and vinegar can help keep your bottle clean. Do not compromise on your health.


The bottle you decide to settle for should portable enough to fit in available sleeves in the market. Having too small a bottle or a big one means that your bottle will be vulnerable to harm, e.g. scratches. Plus the bottle should be able to hold enough water for your use. You don’t want to run out of water especially in crucial stages. Below is a list of the best water bottle accessories available in the market to keep your bottle in good shape.



Sleeves help keep water in a bottle colder for longer. You need to pick the right sleeve that fits your water bottle perfectly and made of the right material to get full benefits of your water bottle. Apart from insulation, sleeves also give your bottle a facelift that makes the bottle quite admirable . Some of the best sleeves available in the market include:

  1. Coldest Water Sleeve

Cold Water sleeves are among the best sleeves you can find in the market. The sleeves are also feature among the best selling sleeves on Amazon with 4 star reviews which signals its usefulness based on popularity. Cold water sleeves are stylishly designed to give your water bottle a facelift and at the same time serving the core purpose of insulating the water bottle. It includes a pouch on the sleeve that you can store your keys or phone safely. The lid helps protect the head of the bottle to keep it safe from any form of tampering which is also hygienic. You can get the water bottle on Amazon on an affordable price of $20.

  1. Onoola Water Bottle Sleeves

Onoola Water Bottle Sleeves can be bought below $20 in the market and have a good review on Amazon. They are widely liked among those who outdoor a lot. Onoola Water Bottle Sleeves are manufactured using Neoprene which guarantees that your water will stay colder for longer. It also comes with a larger pouch that allows you to store more stuff, and an modifiable strap.

The only downside of this product is that it is limited to the size of the bottles they can fit. They are designed to fit Lifeline, Hydro flasks and Fifty Fifty Yetii ramblers that are in the range of 18, 24, 32, 40 or 64 oz. This might serve as a limitation if your water bottle is bigger or smaller than the mentioned sizes.

  1. Aupet Water Bottle Sleeves

Aupet Water Bottle Sleeves are manufactured by Professional Bags who are known to use lively colours in their designs and can be bought at $15 or below. Their water bottles come in different colors of blue, pink, orange. A buyer has the liberty of choosing between 750ml and 1000ml with psychedelic colours, animals or flower pictures.

Aupet Water Bottle Sleeves are made using Neoprene which will guarantee insulation fo your water for a longer period of time. They are affordably priced in the market which can make owning several sleeves possible. Your bottle will also be protected from damages and scratches from falling down or hitting on something. You can wash them in a machine. The sleeves will not be ideal if you have a smaller bottle like 500ml or below.

  1. Jugsleeve Water Bottle Sleeve

Jugsleeve Water Bottle Sleeve can be bought on Amazon at $15 which makes it an affordable sleeve worth your money. The sleeve is made using Neoprene which is a guarantee that your water will stay cold. It also contains pads on the inside to offer extra protection in case you drop the water bottle. The product enjoys good reviews on Amazon with clients ordering black and pink more than other colors.

  1. ICOLOR Water Bottle Sleeve

The ICOLOR Water Bottle Sleeve is made using Neoprene which makes it a guaranteed insulator for your bottle. You can get the bottle in ten different designs. The sleeve comes with an adjustable strap which makes it easy adjusting to the perfect level. You will have no problems cleaning the bag.

ICOLOR Water Bottle Sleeve enjoys an impressive 5.0 star rating from buyers though it hasn’t made tons of sells on Amazon. Those who have reviewed the bag think that it is a worthy product for water bottle owners. You can buy the sleeve for $12, the cheapest on the list but long lasting.



The market is full of portable water bottles that can be re-used thousands of times over. People buy water bottles depending on the kind of activity they need it for. Water bottles have a wide range of use especially for those who engage in outdoor sports (cycling, workout, desk duty). They are designed differently as well to serve one’s comfort and preferences when sipping (spout, straw, etc). Manufacturers use materials like glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum to manufacture these bottles. Below are some of the best brushes for your water bottle to find in the market.

The Coldest Water Bottle Brush

The Coldest Water Bottle Brush is the best brush for cleaning metallic bottles without leaving a scratch. The set is ideal for cleaning the water bottle, straws and lids leaving no mark. The set enjoys 5 star rating on Amazon which makes it a must get. The brushes have a bigger handle compared to others that give a good grip when cleaning. Even though a bit expensive than the first 2, The Coldest Water Bottle Brush is the perfect brush to include in your water bottle accessories. The set can be bought for $12.99 on Amazon with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Long Bottle Brush: this is perfect for cleaning bottles that have narrow necks

Long Straw Brush: perfect for washing bottle straws

Detail Cleaner: perfect for cleaning areas that other brushes cannot reach such as the screw threads and cap crevices

Short Bristles: They include both soft bristles for cleaning the walls, and firm bristles for cleaning the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle Brush

Though to be found in the kid’s section, this cleaning brush is a good addition to your main purchase. It has a sponge turbine-like head which is ideal for scrubbing the bottom of the bottle. You can buy the brush for $4 on Amazon.

Why It Is Important to Keep Your Bottle Clean

Cleaning your water bottle regularly helps keep you from falling ill. While most water bottle owners like to assume that the bottle is always clean, either in use or not, there is a real danger if you do not observe cleaning your bottle on a daily basis and taking good care of it. It is recommendable you purchase water bottle accessories when buying a bottle.

Regardless of the bottle being a low-priced one promising durability, or a high-end one with all the glitter, or one that can keep water cold for long like the Coldest Water bottle, it is paramount that you maintain hygiene at all times. Even if you might be the only one using the water bottle, chances of you falling sick if the bottle is not regularly cleaned are high due to bacteria. The chances are even higher if you reside in areas with a weather that is humid or warm because it encourages bacteria growth.

We often forget our water bottles in our bags after leaving the gym while having either juice or water half filled. At times, we forget about our bottles for days while having sports drinks or water. This is a breeding ground for bacteria which creates bad tastes and bad smells when you re-use the bottle. You have to treat your bottle as you would treat any other dishware in your home. Of course, you wouldn’t eat on a plate twice without washing it. The same mentality should be applied to your water bottle. The bottle needs daily cleaning using hot, soapy water and brushes.

6 Pack Carriers

When going outdoors in a team, you need to a water bottle carrier to carry enough water for everyone. Here is a list of the best 6 pack carriers you can buy in the market:

  1. Gatorade Hydration Pack 6 Gatorade G Bottles and a Gatorade Carrier

This 6 pack carrier is ideal for outdoor activities and enjoys good reviews on Amazon with 4.5 star rating. The carrier can be bought for $57.99 which includes free shipping. The pack comes in orange color.

  1. The Coldest Water Sports Bottle Large Carrier

The bottle is affordable at a price of $29.99 and is made with strong plastic. Apart from being designed to carry the coldest water bottles, you can also use the carrier to carry Hydro Flask Standard Mouth, Standard Mouth Rehydrate, Classic Kleen Kanteen and Water Vault 24 oz, Plastic Bottles and Standard Bottles. The carrier is ideal for outdoor sportsmen like Sports Teams, Hikers, Campers, Hunters, Cyclists, Soccer, Joggers, Runners, and footballers.

As we can see, there are much more to water bottles than a simple container to carry your cold water. Use these best water bottle accessories to get the most out of your water bottles.

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