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***Before you begin reading this article we suggest reading about hydration and the importance of drinking water while you place tennis. Here is an article we wrote about the best water bottle in tennis, why and how to use it.

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You are a tennis pro! Yes, you have only been playing for about a month…and your skills are not really up to par, but who cares! The only things that matter are that you are having fun and you are staying healthy. However it is important to know that injuries happen and you should always know how to deal with a tennis injury when they occur. We always suggest having both the best ice pack for tennis and the best hot pack for tennis. Most importantly we suggest knowing what injuries might occur and what type of treatment you should be using on the injury. Let’s take a look at what injuries you might face becoming the tennis star you deserve to be.

Here is an interesting fact, out of 1000 hours played in tennis 5 players will face an injury! One of the most common out of all injuries is the dreaded tennis elbow. Humeral epicondylitis, and also known to many golfers as golfer’s elbow. 50 percent of all tennis pro’s careers will see tennis elbow at some point. So how does one get tennis elbow and what are the best ways to prevent it and treat it? Humeral epicondylitis is caused by minor tears in the muscle. This happens over time when the forearm repetitively uses the same muscles to do the same motion. For any tennis star, having a swing that is repetitive is key! We want the best swing every time, which means we use the same forearm muscles every swing creating the problem of tennis elbow. The most common swing that tends to cause these tears is actually the backhand stroke. Incorrect backhand swings can make any tennis player more liable to tennis elbow. These players should look into both the best ice pack for tennis and the best hot pack for tennis, because they will see this injury a lot. These players should also look into a tennis lesson.

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Tennis elbow is an injury that is long term, which means heat and the best hot pack in tennis is normally used to help with pain. This is rule of thumb for most injuries, if the injury is recent then the best ice pack for tennis should be used, if the injury is long-term try to use the best hot pack for tennis. For tennis elbow, we also suggest getting plenty of rest, taking time off going to the court may be necessary for proper healing! If your a soldier, and there is nothing we can do to stop you, wearing the best ice pack for tennis for 20 minutes before you go out the court is a great way to perform at your best. Like we said before, rest is crucial and always our recommendation. It is important to any tennis player to know that icing with the best ice pack for tennis should be done in no more than 20 minute intervals every hour! For best results when healing we also suggest physiotherapy. There is nothing wrong with a soft tissue massage to relax anyway! When you are at home before you go to your match always remember to properly stretch. This also goes for when you are finished with your tennis match as well. Before you put on the best hot pack for tennis elbow, remember to do one last stretch.

If you see pain that reoccurs for more than half a year we suggest you go see a doctor to take a professional look. Your injury may need surgical treatments to remove scar tissue, damaged muscles or tendons.

Here are some easy tips for a player with tennis elbow using the best ice pack for tennis and the best hot pack for tennis:

  1. If you have tennis elbow and notice it during your matches, we suggest using a racket with a smaller handle, and less or no weight in side the grip.
  2. If you are a tennis player who has a one-handed backhand, this could be the cause of the pain! Switch to a two-handed back hand and see if this helps reduce the pain and stress to the muscles and tendons.
  3. We also suggest in addition to the best ice pack for tennis and the best hot pack for tennis to use an elbow support brace. This will help stable the joint which in the long run helps the healing process.

Another common injury on the tennis court is wrist strain. Wrist strain comes from the gripping position that requires the pronation of your wrist during your swing. A lot of tennis players use this to help with gaining power and spin on the tennis ball. Again, small tears in your muscles and tendons appear over time. This happens when tennis players overstretch the muscles and tendons in your wrist. This is again not a short term injury and we suggest using the best hot pack in tennis for a wrist strain. Wrist sprains first require rest and a break from the tennis court. Use splints and make sure that the area is immobilized supporting the joint and aiding the healing process. Pain relievers and the best heat pack in tennis may help reduce the pain in a wrist strain injury. Like tennis elbow if we hear of anyone having this kind of pain for more than 6 months, we suggest going to a doctor and having a professional look at your injury. Surgery may be needed and the only one who can tell you that is someone who is trained in the field, not an article you are reading online!

What is an easy way to prevent tennis wrist? Try asking your local tennis pro about using the “handshake” grip and how it can help the pain in your wrist! Take a look at the best hot pack for tennis here!

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