Bed rest on the quality coldest mattress is much useful if someone suffers from back pain, especially if the pain is severe in sitting and standing. But, it is good to keep bed rest limited up to a few hours a day. It is fine to take rest just for a couple of days. In fact, too much rest in bed can be harmful rather than useful for your health.

If you want to stay horizontal, the lie down on a sofa or bed in a comfortable position only. Put pillows between your knees and under your head if you resting on your side to ease your back strain. Place pillows under your knees if lying on back, while use pillows under hip if lying on stomach. These positions are good enough to reduce stress on the back which is higher in sitting and standing positions. Pain will be more on ligaments, discs, and muscles in sitting and standing.


Bed rest is not good to take longer when going for treatment to control back pain. It is true rest can reduce and control stress on the lower spine, while it may also create several problems. Spending too much time on the bed can weaken your muscles; even those muscles that are compulsory to support back. Some people experience gastrointestinal issues including constipation due to long rest in bed.

Inactivity will encourage blood clots in veins of legs and pelvis. It may affect veins and hurt largely. If a clot breaks into pieces, it may lodge in the lungs. This is a deadly condition that is known as pulmonary embolism. Secondly, returning to physical activities or regular jobs can also be better than taking the rest longer. Limited and restricted activities are more preferable.

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Best Type of Mattress for the People Suffering from Back Pain:

If you are similar to other people, then it is possible that you will spend one-third of your whole life in bed. So, it matters a lot to choose a specific type of mattress. You should choose a mattress type that supports and fits your back health.

It is good and useful to use the top mattress for supporting back pain. However, some limited researches gave a few guidelines about this topic. In the past, doctors and physician recommended the people coldest mattresses. However, 313 people were asked to sleep on medium firmed and highly firmed mattresses to observe back pain. The people on medium coldest mattress note that they experienced less pain, while people in highly firmed mattresses reported huge pain; even like disability.

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In another survey, 268 patients slept on high firmed mattresses due to back pain, and they experienced very bad sleep quality. Further, there was no difference between qualities of sleep on high and medium firmed mattresses. The coldest mattress has an interesting story as it can comply with all curves and joints of your body well and it aligns muscles and joints properly. The coldest mattress can also keep your skin and muscles quite easy that may have some pain and stress during the night.

It is fine to go through different types of mattresses for choosing the best one. If you stay somewhere in a home or in a hotel room on a mattress, then you should note the quality of sleep you experienced at that night. You can also experiment with plywood under your mattress or put the mattress on the floor to sleep for the next few days. For good feeling and health, buy a coldest mattress that supports your back and reduces back aching.