Many of us got back pain at least sometimes in life and the trouble occurs at all ages. There is a correlation between back pain and poor posture, having a scaffolding mouton posture, lifting heavy weights and often having curved and twisted posture when lifting, age changes, etc. However, the results of the connection and cause are not clear.

Thankfully, rarely hurts something seriously and there are also some things you can do yourself.

Rest on a perfect Mattress and Pillow:

The main advice for temporary back pain is to continue to live as usual even if it hurts. Rest can quite quickly cause the muscles to become weaker and function worse. It takes longer for back pain to go over if you lie more in bed than usual.

Physical activity helps the muscles to relax and make you feel better. The body has its own pain relief system, called so-called endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s own morphine-like substance. Keeping your motion increases the production of endorphins, while rest and silence reduce it. It does not matter what you do, it’s more important that you do something – to focus on something you think is fun!

If you have big problems, you should, of course, seek help with primary care.

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What You Can Do by Yourself?

Important to know is that the Mattress does not heal or deteriorate the body, but it can improve your recovery. You have in the back or not, it’s always important that you sleep well. If you sleep too little or on a Mattress and Pillow that does not give you the best conditions, the recovery is inhibited and you end up quickly in a negative spiral.

If you stiffen your back during the day, for example, with a monotonous job or in a special work position that negatively affects your back, it is extra important for it to recover and the muscles are relaxed at night. There the Mattress and Pillow can make a difference.

It is very important that you are in a good position where your body gets both support and relief. You should lie so that your natural fainting is maintained and you will sink down much in the Mattress, not too little and not too much. Imagine lying in the bed instead of “on”. Your weight spread over as much surface as possible in bed and you should be as hard/soft with your entire body.

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Use Correct Mattress and Pillow:

How do you find the correct Mattress where you achieve this? Yes, since we are all different to body shape, weight, length, sleeping position, etc., there is a need to have a good and wide range to choose from. The Mattress and Pillow will suit you, not the other way around.

If you have shapes and curves, you often need, but not always, a slightly softer Mattress and Pillow to sleep into the bed properly. If you are shaving in the body, you often need a somewhat firmer bed. But most of all, always the feeling and how you feel the bed when you lie on it. So take the time to try, try to change position, try Coldest Mattress and Coldest Pillow – and ask for tips and advice from someone who can matter.

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Positive Single and Use of Wedge Pillow:

To take rest or to sleep on your back with your feet higher with the help of wedge pillow is crucial. It relieves your back as well, which of course is important for everyone, but especially if you have trouble from your back. Keeping your foot high all night long is no problem, either you raise a bit more and sleep asleep all night or raise a little less at the foot end and still choose to lie on the side without jeopardizing your back. Talk to a Mattress and Pillow counselor and try the best Mattress and Pillow in store to see if there is anything for you.