The name of this product says it all. The Coldest Water Bottle. I tested this baby out and it really seems to live up to its name. I put some cold water with some ice cubes in this bottle, sealed it up and let it sit out overnight. I came back the next day and the water was still super cold! The ice had hardly melted at all. Amazing. I’ve never used a water bottle that keeps water so cold for such a long time. It doesn’t seem to condense water on the outside at all. Now I can just toss this baby in my backpack and not worry about it making my bag and everything else inside all wet. The seal on the closure works very well and doesn’t leak at all. The rubber grip also helps to prevent you from dropping it. It seems to fit in all of my cup holders in my car and elsewhere.

Overall I am very happy with this water bottle. It really does provide the coldest water and it looks pretty slick as well.

Review by on January 11, 2016