Do You Know Why Metal Water Bottles Are Better than Plastic Water Bottles?

Global pollution is one of the major concerns for the world and great efforts practiced by different nations. These efforts are aimed to minimize air, water, and noise pollution. Among all these, water pollution is a severe situation and it is just because of the extensive use of plastic bottles.

On the other hand, we need water for drinking in order to avoid dehydration, especially in summers. People use bottles for water storage are an important factor but most of us don’t consider the negative consequences. Most of the users don’t know about the health dangers associated with regular use of plastic containers. Stainless steel is a green item which is an approved option to store water without contamination. So what are benefits of stainless steel bottles?

Free from Polycarbonates:

Polycarbonate is among the top plastic materials used for various structures. It is commonly used in sports, digital devices, cars, and construction materials. It is also used to manufacture plastic water bottles. Presence of harmful chemicals makes these water bottles dangerous for human health. In contrast, stainless steel water bottles such as Coldest Water Bottle are safe and effective. These metal water bottles designed according to the environment protection.

The Coldest Water Bottle (Insulated)

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No Bisphenol:

One of the major advantages of using coldest bottles is the bisphenol free structure. Yes, these bottles don’t contain this component of polycarbonate. Remember, this component deteriorates quickly especially in hot conditions. Tests and experiments revealed that very minute quantity of bisphenol may cause reproductive, neurological and development issues. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the use of plastic water bottles.

We recommend the users to buy Coldest Bottle 64 oz which is a large container. This bottle is based on pure stainless steel material. There is no risk of polycarbonates and bisphenol in the composition. Those who like to avoid the health hazards such as low sperm count, hypersensitivity, cancer, diabetes and impaired reproduction in females should focus on Green Technologies.

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Handy, Durable, Friendly and Reliable:

Yes, coldest bottles are amazing because of the high durability and reliability. Users can enjoy longer temperature maintenance without protective wearing. However, you can improve the temperature standard with the help of Coldest Bottle Sleeves. Our bottles are highly portable with easy to carry function. Buying these coldest water bottles enable the athletes, sportsmen, professionals, and others to store cold water for at least 36 hours without any changes.

How to Buy Coldest Bottle?

First of all, visit The Coldest Water online store which offers a wide range of stainless steel bottles and accessories. Consider the bottle type, capacity, and other features. Focus on the discounted prices and compare them with other popular brands. Don’t forget to see coldest bottle reviews and feedbacks. It is really essential to learn more about the technical specifications and advantages. Choose the coldest water bottle and add to cart. This will give you a safe and pure water storage facility for different purposes such as workouts, gyms, sports and outdoor activities.