Are We Really having Knowledge How and When to Drink Water?

It is imperative to drink 2 liters of water during a day but doesn’t drink during the meals; otherwise, it will create gastric juices.

We often hear that it is essential to drink plenty of water because it is good for your health, but do we know that how and when to do it? It is essential to answer the question as water is essential for life otherwise harm to the human body that is dependent on how we consume it.

It is Essential to drink it on an Empty Stomach!

Drinking a glass or two glasses of water on an empty stomach will allow us to eliminate the toxins accumulated in our digestive system, as well as stimulate our organs gently so that they start to work. For this, just drink at least 20 minutes prior to breakfast, which is a much healthier way to start the day than drinking coffee.

If, on the other hand, we drink it lukewarm or hot, or add half lemon juice, it stimulates our intestines and thus constitutes an effective and simple cure for combating constipation.

It is also a very recommendable step for those who usually have water retention and who have swollen faces and eyelids in mornings when they wake up because the kidneys are also starting to work.

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Is It Hunger or Thirst?

Do you know that very often we feel hungry when in reality we are thirsty? We do not always recognize how to read the signals that our body sends us, yet so important if we try to control our weight. We, therefore, recommend that you do something very simple. If you are hungry, take a glass of water and drink it. You wait for few minutes if you still feel hungry, so eat something. But you will be surprised to find that very soon; the feeling of hunger is gone!

Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Meals to Eat Less

If you drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you sit down at the dining table, it will act as a light appetite and it will also avert you from eating too much.

Do Not Drink Too Much during Meals:

It is strongly advised to drink water all through the day, we should avoid at all costs to drink water during meals because water that interferes with the action of gastric juices can make digestion difficult. Too much drinking during meals can cut the kids’ appetite.

If the food is salty or spicy, drink reasonably; it is best to include fresh green salads with each meal, trim down the salt intake, and take infusion water after eating to facilitate digestion and drink before meals.

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Drink a Glass of Water before Bed

Finish the day as you started, drinking a glass of lukewarm water to prepare your body for night rest. An infusion of medicinal plants will also do the trick.

Do not follow this suggestion if you often need to urinate at night, in case you suffer from urinary incontinence or if it is young children.

Do Not Drink Huge Amounts of Water in One Go

When we suggested drinking all day long, we mean drinking in sips and not all at once. This must be taken into account especially when it is very hot during the practice of a sport, etc. Always carry a stainless steel water bottle with you, and when you are at home, get used to having it always close to you.

Should We Drink Lukewarm, Hot Or Cold Water?

Even in the desert, Berbers drink warm tea because tea sips make them sweat and so allows them to cool off. So we should try to drink warm or hot water. In any case, we will highly recommend you to drink normal temperature water, as it will help your digestive system.

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How Much Water Should We Drink?

Should drink a liter and a half or Two liters? It is better not to determine a precise quantity until you have learned to know to your body requirement. The quantities are not the same in summer and winter, for a child and for an adult. It is different for a person who sweats a lot than for a person who does not sweat a lot. Similarly, for a vegetarian and for a person who consumes a lot of protein of origin animal, etc. At first, it’s hard to drink often, but when you get used to it, you will realize the amount of water, your body needs.

Infusions Are Also Good:

Many people can’t drink simple water. In this case, you can add lemon juice to water. This simple gesture will give the water a yummy taste of lemonade with no addition of calories or any other substance.

Another option is to include a drop of citrus essential oil (lemon, grapefruit, orange, mandarin …) suitable for consumption.

Always drink clean water and keep in the coldest stainless steel water bottle during travel or work.