Want a well made, sturdy and comfortable backpack? Travelers or athletes usually keep special backpacks to store essential gears. Whether it is a single day out or several days trip, it is important to keep the important gears to spend your days and nights easily. A backpack is essential to make things easier and comfortable. With the passage of time, numerous products are available in the market at a different price. Name of The Growler Backpack is quite popular among these products. It is a valuable addition to The Coldest Water which always makes lifestyle high, easy and stylish.

Who Needs The Growler Backpack?

As a matter of fact, it is a lovely product designed according to the engineering perspectives. It has features to fulfill expectations of multiple types of users. Whether you are a traveler or an athlete, this backpack will be an ideal option. This high-quality product contains multiple pockets and compartments. From side pockets to inner compartments, all are safe to keep different gears including the electronic gadgets, documents, shoes, clothes, and others. There is no need to be worried about the protection of materials stored inside.

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Straps Travelers Can Hardly Feel:

The straps attached with The Growler Backpack are padded and ergonomically contoured. These two features make these shoulder straps ideal for the long day traveling while carrying the load. The Growler Backpack also has mesh fabric with airflow back panels. These padded panels provide superior back support as well as ventilation.

Organized in An Ideal Way:

Travelers have never been organized before it. It has multiple side pockets with more space. Now it is easy to keep anything inside these pockets. Those who love listening to music can use the media side pocket to keep their headphones. Now it is easy to enjoy music while traveling, trekking, climbing or trailing. Don’t forget to see the accessory pockets, organizer compartment, and separated chambers. All these massive side pockets are water resistant.

Travel Backpack

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Checkpoint Friendly:

Are you a frequent air traveler? Don’t worry about the checkpoints. The Growler Backpack comes with a Scan-Smart Technology. It is an approved product by TSA for the travelers. Now, you can easily scan your backpack at the airports without opening the main chambers and side pockets.

Enjoy Easy Hydration:

Remember, there is a special hydration pocket which enables the travelers and athletes to keep their Coldest Bottles. The hydration pocket provides easy access to the water bottles. It is very simple to pick and place the water bottle in hydration pocket while running, trekking, cycling or climbing.

Compression Straps:

Do you want superior carrying? This is a real mean of comfortable travel. Pack your items in an organized way to avoid trouble. The load will be light in order to carry easily. Now it is simple to adjust the volume of The Growler Backpack with the help of compression straps. On the other hand, the available contoured straps are offering unrestricted movement. These contoured straps are also effective to offer custom-fit capability.