You’re late for walk and begin rushing from your house, down the streets, and to your office on the 19th floor of a building. To make matters worse, the elevator is out of commission and cannot be used, forcing you to run up the stairs. And the strenuous journey from your house to your office strains your knee. Walking up and down the stairs can be good leg exercise, but for some people, such as those with arthritis or knee injuries, it can be painful.

This could provide you with a comfortable resting position while you wait for the pain to go away. To alleviate pain further, over-the-counter medications may be used. However, if your knee pain persists, you should see a doctor. The pain could be caused by a more serious condition. Even simple but vigorous activities like climbing or descending the stairs or walking for long periods of time can cause such pain. We can also make changes within ourselves.

Exercises and physical therapy are effective ways to strengthen our muscles, particularly those in our knees, to prevent strains and injuries from walking up and down stairs or for longer periods of time. These activities would be less intimidating and painful if we also learned how to manage our health. Manage your weight by eating a healthy, balanced diet.

October 03, 2022 — Shopify API