Since moving out of my parents and into my own house with my boyfriend and our five year old daughter, I have lived without a dishwasher. It is not fun but definitely not the end of the world. Having a good brush to do dishes with by hand is very important. That is why when I saw this brush I knew I had to order it. The length of the main brush is super long which is perfect for water bottles.

The bristles are soft but bunched together enough that they are rough enough to scrape off food. The handle is made out of a really smooth and comfortable material. That makes doing dishes not so bad. My favorite part of this brush set is that it comes with two other brushes that are connected to the main big brush. The first additional brush is a long narrow brush. Basically a little bigger size pipe cleaner.

That brush is great for cleaning straws which can be dam near impossible to clean with a normal dish brush. The second with a odd round shape brush. This is great for cleaning the bottom of cups to insure you are cleaning the whole bottom of the cup. The best I can describe the third brush is a pipe cleaner bent into a rounded triangle. I absolutely love this product.

Review By David on September 13, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API