The food you eat, drinks you take, ways to treat your body and the way you live your life all affect your physical fitness, health, wellbeing, and memory. In the following, there are five integral things you can do to keep your memory sharp and good.

Handle Your Stress:

Pressure on your brain will invite stress and this is the worst thing ever in human life that will influence your recall and focus abilities. Daily work, short deadlines and hard arguments all produce stress spontaneously. Ongoing anxiety is a big problem that can result in memory impairment. If you don’t have the right ideas to manage your stress, then keep memory sharp is the other option. Drink more water from your water bottle. A mindful approach to live, Yoga, Meditation and Deep Breathing all can help you to control stress.

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Sleep Well at Night:

People who don’t sleep well at night often become forgetful with compared to those who sleep sound. Good sleep at night will help to keep memory sharp. Insomnia is a key reason behind poor sleep in the night. There are ample of medicines to cure insomnia and unluckily these drugs can also impair human memory as well as main brain functions. So, it is far better to focus on sleeping habit and make keep memory sharp. You can take some low doses to take aid for sleep and bring your sleep back to the natural track. Always use best mattress and pillow on with the most superior materials possible for a cooler, better nights rest and stay healthy.

Quit Smoking:

Smokers have more possibilities of losing memory and they may also face many other memory-related complicated with compared to nonsmokers. Risks will go on increasing for the people having a habit to smoke more than 2 packs of cigarettes in a day at their midlife age. Their memory may go on losing faster. The people who smoke less or the people who stopped smoking can keep memory sharp, while the nonsmokers will never have such issues and risks in their life.


Reduce Alcohol Intake:

Drinking more alcohol a day will speed up risks of memory loss and dementia. People having a habit to drink more quantity of alcohol experience some poor memory and recalling ability. Memory loss in alcohol addicts will also be called as Korsakoff’s syndrome. This condition will develop a situation of amnesia due to the combination of alcohol and Vitamin B1. These effects will be more harmful and chronic for alcohol addicts. In several cases, this memory loss is everlasting due to mighty effects on the human brain. If you want to keep memory sharp, you must diminish alcohol intake.

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Prevent Brain Injuries:

All injuries to the human head may affect gray box and focusing ability of the brain. Head Trauma is another critical injury that affects the memory directly and largely. If an injury is deep and big, then it will develop dementia that is the worst for brain health. Use best and appropriate gears during some high speed and risky activities like speedy driving and some kinds of sports. Use proper measures on bikes, in cars, and on roads to prevent head injury chances. If you follow the best measures, you can protect your head from sudden and big injuries and keep memory sharp. It will also help you in reducing pain and harms of head injuries due to the adoption of right measures.