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Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery

best ice pack

Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery

What is the Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery? A concussion is probably one of the most common injuries that a person can acquire while doing some kind of physical activity. Although most people in the world are aware of the term and probably even its causes or treatments, they are not however well aware of what a concussion actually is. Simply put, a concussion is a type of brain injury that is brought about due to a minor trauma which might include getting a blow on the head or the body, a fall or any other kind of injury that shakes or jolts the brain within the cranium. Commonly when a person gets a concussion there may be a visible sign like a bruise or a bump on the head although that is definitely not necessarily the same for each person. Similarly, the generally held perception about concussions is that one does not have a concussion if they do not pass out or faint, that too is a myth and one does not necessarily pass out once they have a concussion.

Despite the fact that a concussion is an injury of the brain it is not that serious and most people recover right after getting one only through a bit of rest. Others may have to rest a little longer to recover from a concussion but that is usually the most effective treatment. Usually when a person gets a concussion they don’t really remember what happened right before the injury or they don’t even remember the injury at all. There are various symptoms of a concussion and one must make sure whether they do or do not have a concussion in order to seek the right kind of treatment. Some common symptoms of a concussion include;

  • Difficulty in thinking clearly
  • Not being able to remember things clearly
  • Feeling a little slow
  • Not being able to concentrate on anything
  • Difficulty processing new information
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Headache that doesn’t go away
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Problems with balancing oneself
  • Irritability
  • Sensitivity to light or sounds
  • Being lethargic
  • Sleeping more or less than usual
  • Not being able to sleep at all

Although concussions are generally quite common particularly mild concussions, treating a concussion right is of the utmost important. If the concussion is serious it is advised to visit a doctor right away whereas for mild concussions using an ice pack is the most effective treatment paired with the right amount of rest. Let’s take a look at the Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery.

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An ice pack is a very common remedy for various kinds of injuries. It is perhaps the most used cure for concussions and other such injuries particularly in households in America. An ice pack is usually a plastic bag or sac filled with either water or some other liquid like refrigerant gel. This ice pack is then frozen in a freezer and used as a cold compress for alleviating and eliminating the pain caused by minor injuries. It is in no way a complete treatment for an injury but it does provide a large amount of relief from discomfort and pain. There are various kinds of ice packs available in the markets varying due to the kind of liquid that is inside them. An ice pack however, can also be made at home quite easily even by simply putting ice in a plastic bag. Other ways to make an ice pack include using a frozen towel, a sponge, rice, some other gel-containing pack or even a bag of frozen peas. Other high end ice pack companies include the coldest water which produce a large variety of strong and tensile ice packs.

Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery

As mentioned earlier, a concussion is a type of brain injury caused usually by an impact or some other occurrence that either shocks or traumatizes the brain. The brain then usually recovers itself after a concussion if a person get a proper amount of rest. However, an ice pack has proven to be a great source of relief for concussions. An ice pack can serve as an immediate relief from the pain caused by a concussion and hinders the growth of bumps as well. if an ice pack is used after getting a concussion as a cold compress, it not only helps with the pain management but also helps with and stops tissue damage and hinders the growth of bumps on the head. If a person uses an ice pack, preferably a water ice pack, as a cold compress right after getting a concussion they save themselves from a lot of extra pain. Right after impact a concussion causes the human head to heat up very much. The heat that is generated upon impact is then reduced and helps overcome the effects of a concussion using an ice pack.

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Using a water ice pack is very useful and effective for a concussion as well. A water ice pack is soft, flexible and effectively absorbs all the heat from the head serving as the best treatment for a concussion. An ice pack helps reduce the swelling caused by any kind of impact or injury at the spot or around it. Although this function is not commonly known, an ice pack is helpful for reducing bleeding into the tissues. If upon getting a concussion there is no available ice pack, one can use things like a bag of frozen peas or another bag of something frozen. However, the effect of using a specialized water containing ice pack is immensely greater than that of using a home-made ice pack. There are various kinds of ice packs available in the markets and online as well that can be used for injuries like concussions. The thing that must be kept in mind about using an ice pack for injuries is that it must be used immediately. That is to say, right after getting an injury from an impact on the head, the ice pack must be put on the head immediately to absorb the heat that is generated and to alleviate the suffering as well as to reduce swelling, inflammation and prevent internal bleeding. As opposed to using an ice pack many people generally use heat treatments by heating the area where the injury is immediately. However it must be kept in mind that right after impact, the only treatment that must be sought after is an ice pack or something cold while heat treatments must be done after some time has passed.

The Coldest Water-Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery

Using an ice pack for a concussion and its recovery is an extremely useful thing. It not only helps in managing pain and helping in recovery but also helps in healing the injury in less time than would normally be required. An ice pack helps elevate and increase the core and brain temperature usually after an injury or some kind of exertion. This method of normalizing the temperature is an extremely important way or recovering from a concussion. When an external artificial source of cooling is applied to an area which is injured, usually the head or the neck, the temperature of the brain is effectively lowered while this lowering of temperature plays an important role in helping the injured area. This process of healing is brought about by increasing blood circulation to the injured area by lowering the temperature of that particular area which prevents blood clotting and internal bleeding as well. This ages old method of healing using an ice pack is very effective and is used for things like migraines as well. For generally mild concussions even though science has vastly progressed there still hasn’t been designed or created a cure yet. Patients and people that come in with a mild concussion are generally told to wait it out’ for the lack of a proper cure. However, using an ice pack has shown itself to be the most effective treatment particularly for mild concussions and helps the person manage pain or relax.


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The cooling effect of an ice pack helps minimize all the effects of a concussion therefore hospitals also use selective hypothermia to reduce and mitigate the effects of things like stroke, severe head trauma and greater concussions as well. Thankfully for people that are sensible when it comes to taking preventive measures at home there is a large variety of ice packs available. Particularly for people that play a lot of sports or households with children where small or big injuries are generally pretty common, one can stock their freezer with a plentiful amount of ice packs that are always there to help people manage their pain and take care of their concussions effectively. Although there are various kinds of ice packs available depending on the kind of liquid that they contain and the quality of the bag etc., there are still some ice packs made by certain companies which are generally famous for their good quality and effectiveness.

One such company that produces superior quality ice packs with both water and gel is called The Coldest Water’. The coldest water started off as a small company in Naples, southwest Florida. This company initially began producing athletic gear for high performers and athletes and the coldest water produces a large variety of such products from water bottles, cups, ice packs to bottle sleeves, pouches and even cleaning brushes.

The coldest water specializes in producing hot and cold ice packs in various sizes from small to medium and large. These products are built for need by engineers using superior technology. Owing to the superior engineering the coldest water products are usually more long-lasting and do not break or tear either. The coldest water products are extremely environment-friendly and are made from things that can be reused over and over again instead of being made of things like plastic that are not only non-reusable but also pollute the environment extremely. The coldest water ice packs are great for use by athletes and high performers but not only that, they can be used regularly for people with any kind of condition such as back pain, muscle pain, stiff neck, ankle sprains, sports injuries and particularly, concussions. Not only are these the Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery, but they work for a variety of other sports injuries as well.

The coldest water ice packs are particularly engineered for cold therapy within the first 48 hours of an injury or concussion and help immensely with recovery. The gel pack by the coldest water comes with clear and precise instructions and aid in the healing and recovery process of concussions as well as the subsequent sores and aches. The coldest water ice pack molds perfectly onto the head and helps distribute the coolness very effectively and evenly showing best results for concussions.

The ice pack by the coldest water is also extremely flexible and made from a material that does not tear or break regardless of the amount of times it is used compared to other ice packs. The coldest water ice pack is engineered extremely efficiently so much so that it is not only reusable but also does not break regardless of the amount of weight or pressure that is put on it. With its sleek and slender design and its smart matte black color, the coldest water ice pack is extremely easy to carry around and not something one has to hide at all. It is a fact very widely known that athletes and high performers get a lot of injuries the most common of which are concussions.For treating such injuries and concussions, the coldest water ice packs are the best way to go particularly because the coldest water ice packs are FDA registered and medically tested for their health benefits and their effects on complete treatment of minor injuries particularly concussions.

The coldest water ice packs are available in a standard medium size as well as a bigger, large size. Perhaps the best thing about the coldest water ice packs is that they are extremely affordable. Regardless of their high end design the coldest water ice packs come at a great bargain. In addition to that the coldest water ice packs can be acquired at an even greater bargain currently when there is a discount available at all the products on the website. By getting the coldest water ice pack, one can be sure of the fact that their minor concussions will be treated very efficiently and effectively. This makes it the Best Ice Pack for Concussion and Recovery.


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