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Why is Water a Source of Life? Keep Drinking

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From the appearance of life on Earth to the gills that the human embryo carries for up to 7 weeks, everything that exists is linked to water and to his mystery.

“Water is not only necessary for life but it is the life. A well-known writer, who got several literary awards and also won the U.S. National Book Award, he summed up in one sentence the very essence of water. It is at once the original crucible and the prime element of life. They are in the water of the primitive oceans, more than 4 billion years ago. It appeared the first micro-organisms which, evolving over time has spread and colonized our little planet. An inert desert to that time. How could such a miracle happen?

One thing is certain, the first bricks necessary for the creation of life – amino acids (the basis of proteins), DNA, RNA (the copy of DNA). They have appeared in the oceans, even if science always wonders about their origin, extraterrestrial (comets), atmospheric or oceanic (black smokers). Another certainty, these bricks were assembled alone in the oceans, whose temperature then oscillated between 50 and 80 ° C. The proof was brought in 1953 when the American biologist Stanley Miller made an experiment in the laboratory to create the bricks of life from the primitive conditions on Earth.


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What are the Ingredients?

A mixture of gases represents the Earth’s atmosphere (hydrogen, methane, and ammonia), heated water to mimic the ocean, and electric shocks to reproduce the lightning strikes on this original soup. After several days, the vial contained eleven different types of amino acids: the first bricks of life. Life can, therefore, appear in the water provided that it contains the necessary elements.

We Descend From Aquatic Tetra-pods:

No wonder, then, that whenever man discovers a celestial body, the first element he looks for is water. But water is not only the crucible of the living; it is con-substantial with its existence, from the birth of all the organisms, until their death. And it’s even more remarkable here to be terrestrial mammals; we carry the heritage of aquatic origins. Before reaching the trees, it established that the first terrestrial animals had a nautical phase. More exactly, they all come from a four-member tripod ancestor that emerged from the waters more than 350 million years ago. However, from this “marine” past, the human being has kept strange stigmas; every embryo carries on each side of the head rough gills, which regress before the seventh week to form the parathyroid glands and thymuses. In us, there is a memory of this aquatic past.

In addition, like aquatic mammals and some fishermen’s birds, we have the ability to control our breathing underwater – reflexively and instinctively. The incredible spectacle of smiling babies underwater is inherited from our evolution. Better, the descent of our throat allows us to breathe as well by the mouth as by the nose, like the diving birds.


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Each of Our Cells Is Full Of Water:

But our link to water is not the only memorial, it is vital! We must remember that each individual is two-thirds of water? For an adult of 70 kg, this represents no less than 45 liters distributed in all organs and structures of the body. It is from the glaze of our teeth to each of our cells. For a little, the man could be likened to a column crossed 24 hours a day by a stream of water.

Water is a vital element that flows in our body to stay healthy and alive. Theoretically, 30 days without eating, staying 3 days without drinking is fatal. It is enough that the water content in the body drops by 5%, under the effect of perspiration, excretions or insufficient intake, so that our brain triggers a craving to drink.

The Amniotic Fluid Leaves Us Memories:

Both inside and outside the cells – in the blood and the lymph – this water causes the molecules and biological substances. It is produced to pass through the body and serves as a matrix for chemical reactions. Without water, man is no longer alive and he can’t be. We must not forget that it is in this liquid medium that man develops. An aquatic period of nine months during which the embryo, then the fetus, bathes in the amniotic fluid.


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What Babies Still Remember?

If they are so comfortable underwater, it’s because they start their existence in this environment. To the point of being able to stay in reflex apnea during nearly thirty seconds, while their small lungs have a volume of 15 to 20 ml of air – against about 500 ml for an adult, who holds on average and without training a minute.

Our Plasma Has a Composition Very Close To Seawater:

Where does this indefectible need come from, linking man to water and more widely to the sea? Maybe it is our internal chemistry. Indeed, the composition of our plasma (the liquid part of the blood) is, by its components, identical to seawater. With the exception of it is salt content (9 g / l for blood, about 35 g / l for seawater). This light yellow liquid contains the same 92 trace elements: iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese …

Brought back to isotonicity, that is to say at the same salinity level, the blood could be considered as sea water, plus globules! The free-diver Jacques Mayol affirmed that “there is in us a real ocean”. A new film “Dolphin Man” presented the same, the film was released at the end of 2017. He was not far from the truth. Each one carries a tiny part of the sea in itself.

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