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Why Drinking Pure Water Is Essential to Being Healthy

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Discover all the Benefits of Pure Water to Live Longer

In Effortless Healing Follow The Essential Principles For Being Healthier.


  • Eat Real Food.
  • Drink more pure water.
  • Drink water at regular intervals.
  • Buy and carry an insulated water bottle for uninterrupted supply of liquid.
  • Physical Exercise is another critical component of health. Do it regularly.
  • These are the most important and powerful steps you can take for good health.

The Basics to Know About Water:


  • Nearly two-thirds of your body is composed of water. Your cells, your organs, your muscles, and even your brain contain more than 70% water.
  • It plays the main delivery system of nutrients and oxygen, and also deals with the removal of waste. It also contributes to energy production and keeps your joints lubricated.
  • The water of our body is completely renewed in about 7 weeks we drink. The water comes into the blood 5 minutes after the drink to be transported throughout the body.
  • The main symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dry skin, dark colored urine, and fatigue.
  • If you are regularly dehydrated, it is time to fix it because you are neglecting the following symptoms:
  • Digestive disorders, such as heartburn and constipation
  • Frequent urinary tract infections and kidney stones
  • Premature aging: wrinkles are more visible, cracked or peeling skin. Drinking water delays all that.
  • Hypertension
  • Headache

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How To Know That You Drank Enough Water:

Every day, the human body loses liquid through sweat and urine. Just lose 1 to 2% of the liquid in your body for your thirst mechanism to activate.

Despite the constant recommendations of health professionals to drink eight glasses a day (about 1.8 L), your daily intake should be based on your size and activity level. Carry it in your insulated water bottle and keep drinking without fail.

Keep Two Things In Mind:

As you get older, your thirst mechanism works less well; adults over the age of 65 must be sure to drink several glasses every day, even if they are not thirsty.

The color of your urine is a sign of your hydration. If it is very light yellow, you are well hydrated. If it’s dark yellow then you do not drink enough pure water. In case, you have not urinated for several hours, it also indicates that you are not drinking enough.


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The Drinks to Eliminate:

Sodas and other artificial drinks

Soda and other artificial drinks (sports, industrial juices, and diets) can greatly affect your body. They are stuffed with sugars (or artificial sweeteners, which are also dangerous), and also promotes dehydration.

You Can Use It For Other Purposes:


  • If you drink three or more soda cans a day, you may develop migraines because of caffeine, as most sodas are loaded with caffeine and aspartame.
  • The food industry claims that aspartame is safe, but that’s far from the case. Independent studies, not those funded by the Agri-food industry have found serious health problems related to aspartame such as:
  • Headache
  • Visual disorders
  • Migraines
  • Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis
  • Convulsions
  • Cognitive problems
  • Tired
  • Symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease
  • Symptoms Similar to Attention Deficit Disorder
  • To gradually stop your consumption of soda, a good rule of thumb is to aim for a reduction of 5 to 10% every day.
  • So if you drink six 33 cl (2 L) cans a day, you can reduce it from 10 to 20 Cl per day. At this rate, you will stop the soda in 10 to 20 days. If you have headaches, go slow.


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Tap Water:

It is far superior to any kind of soda as it usually contains a great number of toxic ingredients that can contribute to health problems. Tap water in the USA and several other European countries are better to drink.

  • Flour: Harvard Medical School researchers added fluoride to the list of neurotoxins in 2014. You may be surprised to learn that the fluoride added to our storage towers is actually hydrofluorosilicic acid – a byproduct of pollution purifiers used by the fertilizer industry!
  • Arsenic: a toxic element and a strong carcinogen. It linked to an increased risk of developing several types of cancer. It is an industrial waste. In addition, chemical fertilizers and pesticides used by the agricultural industry are also introduced into the supply through a flow of rain.
  • The chemicals used in the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing – which used to harvest natural gas underground.
  • Bottled Water: This is the least bad alternative, but most plastic bottles contain phthalates and BPA, which mimics the hormones in your body.


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Good Reflexes:

Stop drinking soda and sports drinks and replace them with clean water. Filtered tap water can be a great alternative, inexpensive and easy to replace.

If you need variety in your hydration, choose organic tea and coffee, raw vegetable juices and fresh coconut liquid or any type of infusion.

To get almost toxin-free water, the best choice is to invest in a water filtration system and buy an insulated water bottle.


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