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Which Anti-Perspiration Mattress To Choose?

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Which Anti-Perspiration Mattress To Choose?

You wake up after sweating at night? Frequent in men as in women, night sweats have several origins. Among them, the choice of your mattress has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your sleep. In this article, find all our tips to find the best anti-perspiration mattress.

Why I Get Night Sweating?

Night sweating is a natural physiological phenomenon present in all individuals. We lose on average up to 1 liter of water per night. Only some people sweat more than others. It is difficult for them to control this phenomenon that prevents them from enjoying a peaceful sleep. When perspiration becomes too excessive, it’s time to change your mattress! Note that there are other reasons also; this perspiration is due to poor bedding, hormones, fever, infection, menopause, sleep apnea, stress or even taking certain medications.


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The Coldest Mattress, The Best Anti-Perspiration Mattress

How not to sweat at night? To reduce excessive sweats, choose a suitable mattress. A synthetic product tends to cause perspiration since it prevents the regulation of the temperature. Latex The Coldest Weave Technology mattresses have excellent ventilation. Thanks to the Imbued Coldest Memory Foam and the Ridge Airflow System – Three Zone Contour Cut help the air circulates freely during your sleep. This type of mattress is perfect for people who tend to sweat like any space that contains moisture.

Tips To Avoid Night Sweating:

Once you have chosen the most suitable mattress for your sleep, here are some tips for sleeping in the best conditions:


Before going to sleep, get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep with some relaxing activities before going to bed. Relax in a hot bath, drink an herbal tea. Avoid eating in large quantities or spicy food before falling asleep because heavy digestion harms a restful sleep.


Customize your bedding: In addition to a high-quality coldest mattress, you can add heat-sensitive coldest pillows to your bed so that it adjusts to your whole body temperature.


Maintain Your Bed Linen: to prevent perspiration from stagnating in the fabric, remember to wash the cover of your mattress regularly at 30 ° C in the machine.


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How to Avoid Sweating At Night?

With sunny days and the surrounding heat, it is hard to find a deep sleep. Excessive perspiration can wake up during the night and create sleep disturbances. In order not to get tired for the rest of the day and get a good night’s sleep, we show you how to sweat less at night in your bed.

Avoid Transpiration with Freshness:

Even if it is not always easy (especially in summer), try to keep the temperature of your room at 18 ° C. To do this, close your curtains during the day and regularly ventilate your room. If you have a fan, putting a moist cloth on it will help to cool the air better.

Choose cotton for your sheets, pillows, and pajamas if you wear one. Indeed, cotton is a material that lets the body breathe, unlike fleece or synthetic fabrics that are to avoid if you have night sweats.

What Material for Your Bed Linen When It’s Hot?

Adapt your bed linen to the seasons. In winter, use a thicker duvet that will retain the warmth you produce during the night. In summer, to avoid perspiration, we advise you to change your winter duvet with a synthetic or silk duvet, lighter and with less filling. This choice contributes to better thermoregulation of your body and allows you to sweat less.

Pay attention to your health before going to bed. Try to avoid overeating, as well as hot drinks such as tea or coffee that increase body temperature. Smoking and intensive physical activity in the evening should be avoided for the same reasons.


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Ventilate your bed each morning, removing the quilts so that your mattress breathes as much as possible.

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Anti-perspiration pillows can help you reduce sweating at night.


Composed of a blend of cotton and polyester fibers, they are micro-grooved to capture the moisture produced by your body and ensure better sleep, more hygienic and comfortable. With a heat-sensitive pillow, you’ll regulate your body heat while battling bacteria and mites with its bamboo and viscose wrap.

If you still have problems, see your doctor. He will determine with you the causes of this perspiration.

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